The before pics, warts and all – Part I (NSFTWWC*)

March 17, 2008

* Not Suitable For Those With Weak Constitutions

 Knowing I was going to undertake this massive project I pretty much abandoned all efforts at domesticity.  My housekeeping apathy was justified by the reading of the book, the obsessing over paint swatches, the birth of this blog…  Honestly, I think it also exaggerates the issues in our space and makes them painfully clear.  You can see where accumulations form, what previous “fixes” failed miserably, and removes any shred of doubt I may have had about how dire the situation has become.

Tomorrow I will post more Befores, then I will post my Week 1 pics.  It’s a more accurate view of what our home looks like on a daily basis, but the trouble spots remain undeniable.  Hopefully they will also reassure those of you ready to call CPS. 🙂

 Photos are small so as not to leave any lasting damage on your optic nerves…

ENTRY, HALL, BATHROOM (or Welcome to my nightmare)

As soon as you open the door you are struck by a cacophony of clutter.  Bulging coat rack, cat hair tumbleweeds, damaged walls…  The eye flees, searching for anything nicer to see and BLAM there’s the refrigerator in all it’s magnet and school covered insanity.  There was a time when I didn’t feel like a place was my home until I got my million magnets up on the fridge.  Four years of being greeted by This has made it a source of revulsion as opposed to one of comfort.

As soon as you walk through the front door, on the right is the bathroom.  Built in storage is limited to the vanity, under the sink. 

The unit over the toilet is good, but overwhelmed.  It was also part of an earthy theme I am dismissing with extreme prejudice.  It will probably get painted and re-purposed – and its contents heavily edited.

The bamboo shelves were hung by my ex and I don’t think he had any clear intention for how they’d be used – he had them so he put them up.  Now it’s just 6 cubbies and 2 shelves worth of reasons not to put things away neatly.

View from inside the shower. 

I am sure everyone has their mirror to the side of their sink, right?  It would be silly to have it *over* the sink.  Ugh.

Can you say CLUTTER?!?

THE (no one should be) LIVING (here) ROOM

The picture on the ground has been hung for a long time.  I took it down to Spackle and remembered I hadn’t taken my before pics!

Just beyond the left side of this pic is my office nook.  It’s completely blocked off by a grossly overloaded drying rack here.

Behind the curtain panel is my desk, chair, coat/storage closet, and the shame I am doing a bad job of hiding.

Aquarium and couch are in the foreground on the left.  The drying rack front and center is a fine example of why 8 year olds should not hang laundry.

You can see the basket full of paperwork that obscures my desktop to the right.

Since going wireless my office has become the dumping ground for everything.  Here you can see my vacuum, my other drying rack, and a bag full of aquarium supplies.

Honest, there IS a desktop there.  The file box is full of electronic cables, cords, components, and chaos.  The laundry basket is full of long ignored mail.

Now I am tired and in a shame spiral.  More tomorrow…



  1. no shame spiral- be proud of your ability to be share honestly about your home. Believe me, you won’t believe how motivating these Before pics will be until you have some After pics to compare.

    one thing- you blog only accepts comments from wordpress users which might reduce the feedback you get because not everyone has an account. Consider opening up your comments to more users…

  2. I changed the option… thanks for letting me know!

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