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Hey, I think I might be kind of good at this

April 30, 2008

Ta Da!  The new coffee table!

I am getting more confident in myself – this is EXACTLY how I thought it would look!  (And damn close to my rendering!)  Don’t you hate it when something doesn’t end up looking like you hoped it would? 

And I love it, it’s perfect. It may seem small, but it’s beautiful and solid especially for it’s Ikea-ness.  I love the scale because it has added girlie gorgeousness, but hasn’t taken up any of my now ferociously guarded floorspace.  I have grown obsessed with wide-open floor! 🙂

Tonight I’ll put together the new TV bench (that odd box projecting in to the pic).  I also found an amazing floor lamp but will have to go shade hunting.  The Ikea shades that I liked were all part of a lamp set.  I’ll head back to Urban Outfitters at lunch, and maybe swing by Tiffany.  (OMG that sounds soooo not like me!)


It’s an Ikea kinda night

April 29, 2008

I’m thinking I’ll pick up the child after work and take off to the land of Flat-Pack Plenty.  A couple few purchases and I’ll have purty pics to post (say that 5x fast 🙂 ).  Sandi will be here this weekend, sewing machine in tow, so curtains will be done by the end of the weekend!  The Beautiful and Talented Kelly seems to be making spanking progress on the pillows and paper/art piece.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it.  The livingroom will be done this week. 🙂

If *$%&*$ Urban Outfitters had the bedspread I wanted today, I would have been a giant step closer to my room being done, too. 😦



For Kelly… I can see clearly now…

April 29, 2008

… the rain has gone…  I can see all the obstacles in my way…

Um, yeah.

New sun/glasses are here and the sun is shining!  Yay!

Oh, and I just thought of a great Mother’s Day gift if anyone cares… Restalayn 🙂


Weekend Wrap-Up

April 28, 2008

Well, I certainly can’t say that I crossed a lot off my to-do list from the weekend – yet I feel totally happy with what was done, and for the first time I can see the finish line.  It’s amazing how finishing the office has changed my perspective on things. 

It’s done.  I love it.  I feel ZERO compulsion to tinker with it more.

I also made sure the pens were put back after Haley was done with her homework, shut down my computer and tucked in the chair when I retired for the evening.  In other words, I took care to go to bed with it looking just like its pics brand new.

I see the point of all this madness now!

Despite my long list of To-Do’s that remain, I am feeling totally excited for the end.  The livingroom has been reduced to 3 big but easy things, and it too will be done and fabulous!  My bathroom is mostly just paint and purge, and my bedroom is just paint and new linens.

OMG!  It’s within my grasp!  (And one big haul from Ikea 😉 )


Weekend Progress Report #4 – Landing Strip Part Deux

April 27, 2008

The clear plastic sorter just wasn’t working for me.  My Un-Pier One’d, newly lacquered white shelf is much more Girlie Modern Fantastico! 🙂

I’m also thrilled to have the sun back in the picture.  I’ve been hanging my keys on it since 1995 and it’s just where my keys belong, I guess.

The BEFORE to refresh your memory…



(same blue paint, exposure is just crappy)

Landing Strip v2

Landing Strip v2


Weekend Progress Report #3 – sometimes you have to just stop and enjoy

April 27, 2008

No curtains = sunshine + cute child + slothful feline = stopping to enjoy the fruits of my labor, seeing my two charges enjoying the pretty place we’re creating.

Anyone who has known the Hairy Beast – I mean, Kenai – for more than the last couple of years will appreciate 1. her snuggling, and 2. her snuggling with the child!  I had this cat almost FIVE YEARS before she sat in my lap.  Now she’s a co-dependent mess, but I digress… 😉


And the office IN USE ALREADY!  I added the other paper lantern and my precious Grandfathers Memorabilia:  Papa on his Indian motorcycle, his Army Zippo; and Grandpa’s cross.


Weekend Progress Post #2 – Fridge Art

April 27, 2008

No more magnets!  This is now the view down the hall to the fridge!  (Once I get rid of the fish tank in the hall I’ll take a long shot again.)  I tell ya, this place is getting decorated right down to its toes!

Artistic credit goes to Miss Haley, Creative Genius in Training 🙂


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