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Dance Recital, Sunday June 1st

May 30, 2008

Haley and I, mad Scottish Country dancers that we are, will again be performing this weekend.  It’s our recital!  HAHAH 😀

Presidio Elementary – 29th Ave (between Geary & Clement) – 3-5p

The other mom in the class is going to sit this one out and take pictures, so there should be some good entertainment coming from that!

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‘Nuff Sadness and Soapboxes – T-minus 8 days and counting!

May 30, 2008

Details hidden to protect the inn… well, me 😀

Oh, wait!  Haley is inno… um.  Not to much either 😛



So, so, so very sad

May 30, 2008

Less than a week after being short-listed for the Olympic Eventing team, my most favorite (famous) horse in recent history, Theodore O’Connor, had to be euthanized following an accident at home.  “Teddy” was not really a horse – he was a pony with a heart twice the size of the biggest horse.  He mopped up his competition even as they towered over him.

Karen O’Connor, when she was still Karen Lende, was among my first equestrian heroes.  My room was plastered with pictures of her riding The Optimist.  Then she married the dashing and brilliant David O’Connor and they became US Equestrian Team royalty.  It was an unforgettable honor to meet them both at a clinic in Woodside.  They were totally real, incredible teachers, and so super nice.  They treat their horses as their family.  Karen wears a belt with the bridle tags from all of her past competition horses – a daily tribute to the horses that made her who she is today.

I was SOOO looking forward to watching one of my favorite riders, on an amazing pony show the world that we DO have great talent here.  The ultimate underdog:  an American on a short little mutt, showing up those with the finest European pedigrees.

Such a tragic loss…  I can’t imagine the feeling of sadness at the O’Connor barn. 


 (all pics courtesy Team O’Connor)


I’m not sure why this made me so angry

May 29, 2008

The Vatican just announced that any women ordained, and the Bishops who ordained them, will be automatically excommunicated.  Other “offenses” that warrant auto-excom?  “Laying violent hands on the Pope.”

Fantastic.  Recognizing women who are called and give their life to the church is on par with taking sniper shots at the Popemobile.

Meanwhile, my local church synod – you know, part of the denomination founded by the German scholar who loudly cried BULLSHIT against the Catholic church – just elected a bishop that is supportive of anyone who hears the calling and wishes to devote their life to spreading the Word, regardless of their sex, their race, their marital status, their sexual orientation, or if their gender identification is in alignment to the gender on their birth certificate.

Last time I checked judgment was the sole domain of… not us.  With all the pedophiles and serial killers you think God is really going to take issue with whether a Catholic priest has a penis or not?  And if God really does care, will a woman who hears the calling so strong that she goes and makes herself a man, get extra super duper Heaven points for all that effort? 

It’s an honest question.


Helloooo down there

May 29, 2008

So I put the new box spring under my mattress and HOLY JEHOSHAPHAT it’s high up there now!  I think I got a little altitude sickness for a minute 😛

Honestly though… once I got to sleep, I slept.  Soundly.

Oh!  I just got a text from DHL!  My new memory foam mattress (and 2 pillows!) is on the truck for delivery.  It’ll need to air out a couple days, but it will definitely be ready for my tired bones on Sunday after our dance performance! 😀

 (Ewww, gross.  Can you see why I can’t wait to redo my room??  Tired, bland, blech!)


But… Yay for sleep!  Yay for progress!


A horse of a different color

May 28, 2008

So I’m sitting here, reading Apartment Therapy (shocking, yes, I know) and there’s a post titled “$3 Makeover”.  Well of course my cheap-ass  penny pinching  frugal heart sang at such a thought!

Scanning through I see this pic…

… and HEY! I have a statue!  And it’s pretty tired!  It has chips and owies from the eight moves it’s endured, and it blends in to the dark shelf it sits on.

So, I turn to the peanut gallery and ask you, “what color?”  I’m thinking gloss turquoise might be kind of hot – ooh, or hot pink?  Chrome?  Gloss white? 

(please answer in the comments – muchas gracias!)  😀


** See!  Cool, huh?


Everywhere I look, destruction

May 28, 2008

Only staying at my house long enough to make a mess from Thursday through last night has created a daunting to-do list – just to get back to where I was last Wednesday 😦

Realization:  One thing just put “down” and not put “away” leads to many things where they don’t belong.  It is a mudslide triggered by one speck of dirt.

Yeah, yeah.  I’m sure every body already knows this and blah blah blah…  Some of us are a little slow on the uptake/need a lightning bolt to the head for things to sink in. 

I am finding it a little difficult to move on with things – even once I clear the detritus of late.  Finding just *the* linens for my room is proving difficult.  I may have to change my strategy (NO!!)  Motivating myself to sand down the entire bathroom is impossible.  Just knowing that everything will be blanketed in a thin film of white dust (highly toxic no doubt based on the quality of workmanship exhibited throughout my place), and that dust will certainly make its way outside the bathroom… ICK, with a capital I, C and K.

Of course from there I’ll be able to crank it out in no time, but that’s not really helping me empty the room and git-to-gittin.

Any body care to offer me a little incentive? 😉 Really, just having some help with something would get me off my ass.  Can you believe that except for the baseboards everything has been me and me alone?  What happened to “it takes a village”?  Oh yeah, that’s raising children, not painting apartments, huh?  Dammit.  Ok, anyone want to take the child?

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