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Oh, the honor of it all!

June 30, 2008

My mother-in-law, Christine, got her blog online and she chose a picture of me and the little darling as her first post.  Awwww!   She credits the pic for inspiring her to take pictures professionally!

And she is goooood 😀


Umber Dove, you are killing me softly

June 30, 2008

Innocently enough I clicked over to Kelly’s Etsy shop and BLAM!!!

My newest and surely to be treasured purchase…


A redwood tree?  Are you kidding me??  Way to go right for my heart, Lady! 

I’m categorizing this as an honorary Shiny Thing.  I’m sure everyone agrees 😛

p.s.  Kelly – I can’t wait to see you!!  Seattle, watch out!


Taming the mayhem and foolishness

June 30, 2008

Painting the bathroom has made a mess of my whole house.  Everything that was previously out in the open or in my medicine cabinet has vomited itself out and down the hallway and in to the livingroom.  Yeah, it’s just as pretty as it sounds.

Hopefully these little bastards – I mean BASKETS 😀 – will be my salvation!


I also bought some stinky drawer liner paper to line the back of the unit over the dumping station – I mean TOILET 😀

The blue, obviously.


I think I have decorating fatigue-induced Turrets!


Opinions please

June 30, 2008

What do you think?

Paint the walls that same blue, and that gray for the curtains?

Accessorized with lots of shiny things, of course 😀


UPDATE (a big 20 minutes after the original post – d’oh!):  While I value your opinion, and it means the world to me, I got a case of CLICKY-CLICKY fever (and decorating fatigue) and ordered this any way.  It’s **TOTALLY** (bold, underlined, in ALL CAPS and with some asterisks even!!) me. 

Why drag this out any longer?  Now I can paint the damn room and be out of my misery!  Oh, and can you see how all the colors are tying in together YET AGAIN?  Dooooood, I am so good 😛


One of these days I’ll do something with the garden

June 27, 2008

and I am going to keep this trellis in mind…

modern trellis

I have some seriously bland fence to cover and I love the idea of creeping things.  Maybe trumpet vine?  Or wisteria?  Oooh or maybe hydrangea?

The back of the house was just painted a nice shade of yellow, so I need to figure out how to tie it in to the view from my livingroom.  Stay tuned for a post on that.  I’ll need another vote from the peanut gallery on what color to paint my sorry-ass patio set.  (Of course I’m already defaulting to chrome 😉 )  You have to remember how gloomy it is most of the time in my back yard!


I’m officially a design dork

June 27, 2008

… because I saw these and said, “I must have those!”  Can you imagine how awesome a “Lex, archduke of Lucite” would be??




We now interrupt this design-ish blog

June 27, 2008

… for something a little more political…

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