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Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas to Me!

July 31, 2008

Yeah, yeah, I know… neither occasion happens until Q4’08 (d’oh! too much time working in tall, shiny buildings!)…

But, my mommy loves me soooooo much that she bought me this pretty-pretty early 😀

(You shut up, Haley!  I know you will be trying to pry this out of my cold, dead fingers when I’m gone!  Don’t EVEN try to deny it!  Cheesy??  Hmph!)

Yay for another homage to the fabulousness that was my Nana & Papa (my mom’s parents!)

Mom…. YOU RULE (reason #657,150)


Props for another FB’er shown on Apartment Therapy!

July 31, 2008

Ok, so David REALLY got featured, but dang… I think he deserves it!  Click the pic and take a look!

In high school my mom’s boss was David’s dad.  His sister, Jen, was my best friend.   I remember in college how horrified Jen and I were that he tore up the carpet in his house and painted the concrete floor!  HAHAHA  Of course, now that’s all the rage!

And who is surprised that he’s washing down an old Mercedes?

Aaaaah, good old Fort Bragg.  Well, not really so much good as old! 😀

Willits owns the “good” designation!


Ok, time to buckle down

July 30, 2008



The crap’s hitting the fan here at work and I need to … dare I say it?.. work!

Our office is moving on up from


… and I’m doing all the packing.


EDIT:  While the new place is so gorgeous in its views inside and out, don’t they KNOW  how wrong it is to remove me from a Shiny Thing??



July 30, 2008

How dare they mock my one true love?

Dear Robert Smith,

Still, after all these years, it is I who can make you happy.  I just know it!

xoxo – Emily, your biggest fan


Excuse me! Someone I know needs to buy this

July 29, 2008

So that I may visit it, pet it, and gaze in to its beauty…

UmberDove, sweet darling of mine, thank you for not making this in colors that are in my scheme.  My BUY!! button pressing finger is twitchy enough as it is! 

(but pleeeese make one, in blues and silvers around 9/15/08, k? 😀 )


The first fabulous picture of the week

July 29, 2008

Christine has just posted the first picture from her stay this week – and it’s a beaut!

Haley and Hydrangeas – two of my favorite things


Clearly not from the home of any of my friends

July 29, 2008

“Priceless” is how they describe the oldest existing bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne.  The more than century old bottle of bubbly was recently found, just hanging out, in the sideboard of a Scottish Castle.

That’s not surprising.  They’re hitting the Islay, not the frou frou French crap 😉

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