When mountain lions “attack”

July 15, 2008

My really good friend Tami forwarded me a message about mountain lion attacks that are going unreported near Santa Rosa.  A farrier had posted on the Bay Area Equestrian Network that a rescuer she knew had her livestock attacked on at least 4 occasions resulting in the euthanizing of one horse, injury to another, and the death of 6 ewes and a cat.

She claims that this “rescuer” is an expert tracker and the tracks and injuries have also been confirmed to be by a mountain lion by a federal tracker.  She claims the Press Democrat and the Feds are trying to cover it up so as not to alarm people.

Excuse me… ah….. Ah…. AH….. BULLSHIT!

They probably don’t want to “alarm people” because she’s just another wackadoodle “rescuer” that loves to have the dramz circulate all around her.  There is a REASON why multiple attacks just on the ONE ranch aren’t front page news.  Likely because they are unsubstantiated.

But this isn’t what really sticks in my craw.  What bothers me is why mountain lions are so vilified. 

Part of living in the country or on the edge of suburbia is the gift of having nature in your life.  You don’t see mountain lions trotting down Market Street in San Francisco.  Part of living outside of urban areas is sharing your environment with other living things larger than birds and raccoons. 

Coexist!  Don’t try to sanitize your environment if you are lucky enough to live where wild creatures still roam.  If that’s outside your comfort level, move back closer in to the city.  OR, better yet, become an activist to restore the natural food sources of these animals so they don’t confuse your Ranch In A Box for Jack In The Box.  What do you expect when you move in to their territory and supply fenced in, domesticated snacks?

Some of us aspire  to have to be aware of where our animals and children are.  Don’t kill off all the nature before we get there to enjoy it!



  1. Thank you….we love our wildlife here, bobcats, coyotes, great horned owls, and yes, Emily, BURROS!!!

  2. I continue to disbelieve in the existence of burros despite the road apples strewn about. The braying I’ve heard in the distance? I figment of the imagination.

    Until I **SEE** a stinking burro they do not exist.

  3. You mean you do not believe your own MOTHER!! Your own DAUGHTER!!??!! She has seen herds with as many as 17 mommas and babies!! She has even bore witness to the fighting of burro stallions! Shame on you!!!

  4. Whilst I love you two more than life itself, I don’t think it improbable that the two of you would conspire against me and perpetuate this campaign of misinformation.

    Crap, I think I’m reading too many political blogs! 😛

  5. While walking the dogs last night, HALEY and CLYDE both saw several of the above said burros. Matter of fact, there was a newborn that was the same size as Maggie herself….plus on top of that, they saw an all white baby too! AHHHHH, don’t you just want to hug it??

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