There is a method to my madness

July 18, 2008

Jennifer, who’s blogging gets me weird looks at work because I often snort out loud with laughter, commented on how my cat matches the color scheme in my house.

Well, there is a reason for that!  And yes, dammit, I am proud that I employed my largely underutilized brain!  Successfully!!  And whew!  All that trance music and glow-sticks in college didn’t do as much damage as I feared 😉 

There are some certainties in life when you live in the Girlie Fabu-Palace (formerly the Craptacular Cave):

  • the vinyl tile flooring is tired but replacing or covering is just not an option (even I have my limits)
  • the more things I have to move in order to clean, the less I clean
  • there’s no room for a dining table so food willbe eaten in the livingroom, and said food will inevitably end up on the floor
  • whilst my child has amazing manners for a 9 year old, her friends mostly do not share the same level of domestication; and I want my home to be the place where she hangs out with her friends
  • our cat has dry skin and a double-coat that sheds massive clumps of flakyfur year round

These are facts of our life so my design decisions have been made with them in the forefront of my mind.  Therefore you’ll find most everything in my house:

  • draws attention up and away from the floor;
  • serves multiple purposes and/or has been ruthlessly uncluttered;
  • is stain resistant and easy to clean if I love it or it is of value, or will cause minimal emotional or environmental damage if it needs to be tossed;
  • is tough as nails and is meant to be used without my constant stressful supervision (I don’t need any excuses to be even more uptight around the child and her fellow junior terrorists);
  • hides copious amounts of cat hair or is super easy to remove copious amounts of cat hair (although my livingroom carpet is currently a big FAIL on that front, but hopefully a vacuum upgrade will mitigate that).

The cat – Kenai– has been around for 13 years now and all of those years she’s been primarily gray (the blue tabbyness of it all) so really it’s the color scheme that goes with her!


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