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Woo wee… what a day!

August 31, 2008
Talk about some gooood timing, but I am sicker than a dog!  I felt it coming on fierce Friday night, but I had a wedding to work yesterday.  I sucked it up, made it through the day and the wedding was a blast!

It took all I had to get out of bed this morning, but I did.  I didn’t want to let down the other family dancing today.  THANK GOD for Suzanne.  She hooked me UP with some good drugs (cold medicine!  sheesh!) and we had a great time.  I was very happy with our performance – as were the adjudicators!  They were so complimentary of the girls, couldn’t believe the short time we’ve been at it (apparently some of our dances were considered kind of hard 😛 ), and said they couldn’t wait to see us again next year.

Visiting the Clan Forsyth tent

Visiting the Clan Forsyth tent

Watching sheepdogs

Watching sheepdogs



One TIRED child! Really she is sleeping! I'm a bad mother and slipped the beer in to the pic 😀

BFFs with big glasses

BFFs with big glasses


Happy Long Weekend!

August 29, 2008

This is going to be a LONG and BUSY weekend.  Tomorrow I am working at a wedding for a girlfriend (getting paid to order people around on behalf of the bride – YAY!); and dancing at the Highland Games with The Child (and dragging along Rae and Suzanne!).  ANNND it’s gonna be a scorcher!

Happy Labor Day!  xoxo Emily


Just the stats, Ma’am

August 29, 2008

So what you’re telling me here is that posts about profanity are good? 😛


If you loved me, you’d buy me this: deliver me from my laundry hell edition

August 28, 2008

It washes!  It dries!  It’s a shiny thing!!


Tea, with a side of STFU

August 28, 2008

Update on The Child’s response to off-colour (I’m feeling British today) remarks…

“So, Haley, what did you say to those boys?”

“Nothing.  I just did this (shook finger and made a face) then I did my homework.”

Two words:  anticlimactic.  I guess that’s one word.  A compound word?  Wha?  Huh?


Totally inappropriate?

August 28, 2008

In light of The Child’s ever growing vocabulary (ahem) – would this still be inappropriate?  It makes me smile every time I look at it.



Parenting is not for the faint of heart

August 27, 2008

I know that it is crucial that kids can come to their parents with any question, at any time.  Despite questioning my proficiency in many other areas of parenting, this is one I think I have down-pat.  Unfortunately this can create a hot-seat I must endure, often and without warning.

On the one hand … I am thrilled that Haley and I talk freely about boys, crushes, friends and being fashionable (hahaha with me?  well, she has faith in me 😛 and questionable taste!)

On the other hand … I get to answer questions like, “Mama?  What is…. (consider yourself warned if you click through!) Read the rest of this entry ?


Day Two of 4th Grade

August 26, 2008

Looking like a rockstar… (and OMG!!! SUN!!! In the morning!)

Packing a Kello Kitty bento box full of (HOME MADE) sushi!)


And you can thank me for selling my car.  As soon as I did gas prices finally fell below $4/gallon.  Grr.


You’d never know

August 25, 2008

that right now this beautiful angel is in her room having a nuclear meltdown.  Well at least we took advantage of some lovely light and snapped a couple of pictures on the sofa.


This is how I spent Haley’s first day of school

August 25, 2008

With Lap Cat!  I’m still not used to this cat.  The cat she used to be was sooo not a lap cat.


Another “Oopsie” that worked out well (kind of like Haley!)

August 25, 2008

I’ve been thinking that the satin version of my bathroom paint color might be too dark in my bedroom.  This weekend I was watching HGTV (shocking, yes, I know) and I saw someone custom mixing paint.  I was relieved to think that the gallon I bought for my bedroom might not be a total loss:  mix in some white and lighten it up.

So I just pulled out the can to make a test spot on the wall and I noticed that the little color smear on the top of the can looked awfully light.  I didn’t think I pulled the right can from the pile.  Then I pulled out the bathroom paint color and saw that it was much darker.  Hmmm… what’s going on here?

When I got the bedroom color I just told them “Gentle Rain” and when wet it looked right.  Well, funny enough the bathroom is actually “Downpour”.  Ummm, close but not the same 😛 My mistake in the name turned out to be EXACTLY what I was wishing I had!  HAHAHA

Now that I see a patch of it on a swath of wide open wall I am getting motivated!

(Riiiiiight… haven’t we heard this before?)


First Day of School

August 25, 2008
*sigh*  My baby is getting all growed up.  Today is her first day of 4th Grade (and she’s in a 4th/5th grade combo class!)  Of course she’s all decked out in Cinnamoroll schwag 😛
Getting ready to leave

Getting ready to leave

Showing Dad her assignment book

Showing Dad her assignment book.

Chatting with friend, Mary. Yes, we must wear all our coolest new school clothes ALL AT ONCE!

Chatting with friend, Mary. Yes, we must wear all our coolest new school clothes ALL AT ONCE!

Yes, they all do the Pledge of Allegance - in San Francisco!  Were not all really commie pinkos!

Yes, they all do the Pledge of Allegance - in San Francisco! We're not all really commie pinkos!


Yard Sale Madness

August 24, 2008

We did well – money-wise and divesting ourselves of crap-wise 😛


You have no excuse for bad table manners

August 23, 2008

Haley has amazing table manners (sometimes she needs to be reminded) and often times strangers approach her in restaurants to compliment her.  (Yay and Thanks!  Yes, it does take a village!)

Yet I am amazed at the number of adults whose manners are atrocious.  Once I was told by an adult that there was no need for manners.  Yes, I was embarrassed to eat with this person in public.

If a CAT can have manners, there is just no excuse.


Eureka! I have found it!

August 22, 2008

The black drape I have been planning to use on my ceiling has been causing me… pause.  I am so worried it will slip into cave-dom, punctuated desperately with shots of color trying to prevent the inevitable.  The whole ceiling/light fixture dilemma also causes me much distress.

God love Google!  “Hollywood Regency lighting” got me to this page, where I found this….

Not snowflakes, but something similarly sparkly, fabulous and over the top!  Something that will embarrass Haley 😛

HAHAHAHAHA I just Google Image searched “Hollywood Regency motif” and guess what came up first? Read the rest of this entry ?


Political Wood

August 22, 2008

Oooh I just had a moment:  Obama & Gore in the same sentence.  Just like the perfect union of me and Matt Iseman shall never come to pass, neither will this – or is it probably being much considered outside of my political fantasy-land.

Now I need a cigarette 😀


It’s high time for a headboard

August 22, 2008

This weekend will be busy prepping for, and having, the sidewalk sale on Sunday, but…  the large piece of MDF that will soon be my headboard has been procured (free! thanks to Eamon) and I can’t help but daydream about what form it will take.

Option One:  Upholstered in button tufted vinyl.  Turquoise most likely.  This will be my vindication for the turquoise vinyl sofa my child would not allow and is a great opportunity to start adding color to the black, white and gray palette.

Option Two:  a lighted lucite extravaganza like this one created by my hero, David Bromstad, last week on HGTV Summer Showdown (take that Constance!)

The practical side of me (Yes!  there is one thankyouverymuch!!) thinks it’s all about Option One.  The hero worshipping “WHY can’t I pull that off?” part of me says Option Two.  Option Two requires a lot of addional stuff (lucite, lighting, covering part of my already wimpy window) and at this point, frankly, I’m a little tired of this whole fiasco. 

Tell me which option you think I should do; and if Option One, should it be turquoise, white, or ??


How many houses do you own?

August 22, 2008

Home ownership is a topic, obviously, in the very forefront of my head these days.  Oh, to buy my first house…  One – one is all I want.  Hopefully my first one will also be my last.

When you read that title the answer came immediately to your head, didn’t it?  None, one, or maybe two or more if you’re a savvy real estate investor (and if you are, I’d like to talk 🙂  But answering it didn’t require much, if any, thought, did it?

When John McCain was asked that very same question, he didn’t know.  “I think — I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain finally stuttered out.

I cannot believe he knows what it’s like to be me, Ms. Typical Jane Q. US Citizen, to be working toward what he takes for granted.  Don’t you have to disclose this kind of information in your campaign finance statements?  Does he delegate so much to his handlers that he loses touch with figures like how many properties he owns?  The current guess is that the number is seven ten, but even his wife is losing track of them too because she was on the brink of property tax default on a condo in San Diego.

Good God.  That question completely alienated John McCain from my life.  I wasn’t bothered by his $250 loafers (I do accessorize my Old Navy clothes with a Kate Spade purse), I don’t resent him for (his wife’s) wealth, and I have tremendous respect for EVERY man, woman and family who have sacrificed and served our country. 

But crap, man, I cannot get behind any one so far removed from my reality.  He didn’t know there would be a huge difference in perception if he’d said, “I’ll have to check” as opposed to “I’ll have my people find out.”  A staggering majority of his potential constituency don’t have “people” to count their houses for them – and a lot of those are still hoping to just have one home of their own to count.

“Before a president can effectively govern this diverse nation, they must first be able to understand the needs and struggles of its citizens. McCain’s astonishing wealth makes it impossible for him to relate to the millions of Americans who have been hurt by the economy. ”  EXACTLY!


I know I bitch about the fog a lot

August 21, 2008

… but you have seen the description under the title of this blog, no?

Whilst the fog here is creeping in all stealthy scary-like, like The Fog, what I was thinking when I took this picture was “DAYUM it’d be sooo cool to live there!”

This is the building I see when I look out the window from my cube.  It’s proximity totally negates that blase 70’s architecture.


If you loved me, you’d buy me this: knock-off Eames shell rocker edition

August 21, 2008

Gee, Mom, you could quit looking for a real one if I had this 😀

Then I’d just need a Saarinen tulip table and my life would be complete – well, once they were all safely nestled in my house in Kentucky, of course!

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