Meat Shmeat

August 20, 2008

Who needs it when you can have this? 

Morningstar Farms “beef” strips with green beans, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots in garlic hoisin sauce.  Yum.



  1. YUM!!! I think I have made something very much like it! So pretty, so healthy. None of that fast food crap for me! I cannot believe how UNHEALTHY some of that stuff is! Can you believe Taco Bell et al STILL uses transfat?? Nothing like putting yourself in an early grave with your fork. It is so easy to eat good healthy food. In the long run, it is so much cheaper. Plus you get to live longer, happier, and be able to move around without all the additional pounds. We only have one body and one chance at life. Better make the most of it. The End.

  2. Well, we’ve cut out eggs and dairy for the immediate future as well. It’s been tough to watch The Child backslide into her previous sedentary ways. Since I can’t trust that she eats healthy when she’s not with me I have been forced to “make up for” the unknown.

    My vegetarian beliefs, once established, have never wavered. I hope that I’m also instilling character and showing consistent ethics. In the areas I’ve grown a bit lazy on (leather, wool) I’m back to being more vigilant. It’s funny how much easier it was when I wasn’t selective about which things were ok – it’s way easier to just be vegan – there is nothing to ponder, and I never had to think about what I ate or bought. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I felt like it, and I never varied more than 5 pounds in years.

    With our family medical histories, we are doomed unless we make an effort otherwise. Unfortunately “just OK” with her health. Anything short of vigilance will guarantee her legacy of diabetes, cancer and/or cardiac problems.

    Teaching her vigilance is a good skill to have in life any way! Teaching her that food is fuel will serve her well, I think. (Now I just need to find the “comfort” to replace food – for myself too! 😛 )

    We want to give our kids every opportunity to thrive, unfortunately we cannot improve upon the genetic cards we deal them.

  3. Just as the waistline of the average adult American is expanding at a belt-breaking rate, so too are those of this country’s youth. It doesn’t take a nutritionist to see that almost overnight we’ve gone from Generation X to Generation XXL. Recent research shows that kids today consume 180 calories more per day compared to kids in 1989, and all of those extra calories translate into some pretty staggering health consequences: 45 percent of this country’s youth are overweight or obese, and the number of children burdened with diabetes has nearly quadrupled in the past thirty years.

    Only 2 percent—that’s right, 2 percent—of children between the ages of 2 and 19 are fulfilling their five main recommendations for a healthy diet laid out in the USDA’s Food Guide Pyramid. That means a serious dearth of whole grains, fruit, vegetables, dairy, and lean proteins and an excess of sugar-filled packaged foods. In fact, a study of 4,000 children of that same age group showed that the overwhelming bulk of their nutrients come from cereals and fruit drinks. If kids are relying on Frosted Flakes and Hawaiian Punch for nutrition, we know there’s a problem.

    Legislation is in effect across the country to try to control the flow of food into our schools. But you can’t afford to wait for a group of strangers in suits to pass laws that tell your kids how to eat. According to a report issued by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, a student who enters high school overweight has only a slight chance of reaching a normal weight by adulthood. High school freshmen at healthy weights, on the other hand, are four times as likely to stay slim as adults.

    This I found to be an interesting read….

  4. Another reason to rebel against “convenience” – it rarely contibutes to quality of life, now does it?

  5. http://www.bk.com/Nutrition/PDFs/brochure.pdf here is Burger King…please note the fries, cheesy tots, etc.

    Taco Bell…

    I was too grossed out at Del Taco to even post it…they have menu items that are over 1000 calories with nearly half of that fat!! We won’t even mention the sodium levels…

    So…there you have it…or some of it anyway. Think I will go eat a carrot right now…a mere 35 calories, NO FAT, ready to eat and healthy!

  6. OMG we ate at Pasta Pomodoro last night and they actually put calories, fat and sodium under EACH item. We were there for a school fundraiser but it was SHOCKING and very difficult to come up with ANYTHING that didn’t turn my stomach! Bless them for at least being upfront about it!

  7. And damn you, Mother, for exposing the gluttony of my one true fast food love, Taco Bell. I need to cry.

  8. I am sorry I made you shed those “salty” tears….

  9. Well now THERE’S an idea… A fat tax 😛

    Ugh, I might be a little too close to the borderline tho!

    Ok… that’s enough of the nutrition railing 😀

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