How many houses do you own?

August 22, 2008

Home ownership is a topic, obviously, in the very forefront of my head these days.  Oh, to buy my first house…  One – one is all I want.  Hopefully my first one will also be my last.

When you read that title the answer came immediately to your head, didn’t it?  None, one, or maybe two or more if you’re a savvy real estate investor (and if you are, I’d like to talk 🙂  But answering it didn’t require much, if any, thought, did it?

When John McCain was asked that very same question, he didn’t know.  “I think — I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain finally stuttered out.

I cannot believe he knows what it’s like to be me, Ms. Typical Jane Q. US Citizen, to be working toward what he takes for granted.  Don’t you have to disclose this kind of information in your campaign finance statements?  Does he delegate so much to his handlers that he loses touch with figures like how many properties he owns?  The current guess is that the number is seven ten, but even his wife is losing track of them too because she was on the brink of property tax default on a condo in San Diego.

Good God.  That question completely alienated John McCain from my life.  I wasn’t bothered by his $250 loafers (I do accessorize my Old Navy clothes with a Kate Spade purse), I don’t resent him for (his wife’s) wealth, and I have tremendous respect for EVERY man, woman and family who have sacrificed and served our country. 

But crap, man, I cannot get behind any one so far removed from my reality.  He didn’t know there would be a huge difference in perception if he’d said, “I’ll have to check” as opposed to “I’ll have my people find out.”  A staggering majority of his potential constituency don’t have “people” to count their houses for them – and a lot of those are still hoping to just have one home of their own to count.

“Before a president can effectively govern this diverse nation, they must first be able to understand the needs and struggles of its citizens. McCain’s astonishing wealth makes it impossible for him to relate to the millions of Americans who have been hurt by the economy. ”  EXACTLY!



  1. I also wish that there were a set of concrete standards that you had to meet to run for president. I believe they should have (at least at some point) owned/ran a business for XX amount of years. These professional politicians really get my goat. They have done nothing but politics from the get go.

    Make your money in your 20s/30s/40s and run for president in your 50s/60s+. If you can’t run a business, you definitely can’t run a country.

  2. Melissa, I agree that there should be some standard other than coming from, or marrying, money to qualify you for the presidency. Prior business success would mean more SBA support in disadvantaged areas and that would be a particularly tough pill for one party to swallow. We’re only supposed to subsidize the megalo-corporations because their wealth trickels down, dontcha know? ACK

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