Possibly the stupidest words spoken in the last week

September 3, 2008

“She is more prepared than Barack Obama to be president of the United States.”

former Massachusetts Gov. Jane Swift, speaking about the “outrageous smear campaign” against Sarah Palin 



  1. For once, I am at a loss for words…

  2. Wow. There’s a first 😛

  3. I know. How dare she. Saying that means she actually assumes that Obama is remotely qualified for the prsidency. What a joke.

    Nah, just pulling your leg. I mean, after all let’s look at all the things Barack did.

    Negotiated an international pipeline to bring oil and natural gas to the lower 48. Then brought the major oil companies in that contracted to complete said pipeline and told them the deal would be renegotiated to be more favorable to the people of the state. When they balked, he cancelled the contract and hired someone else leaving them out in the cold.
    Was instrumental in the arrest of several of his own party in ethics issues as well several of the opposition party.

    Took out a sitting governor of his own party and then took out the most popular former governor of the opposition party.

    Lowered taxes and increased funding for most social programs.

    All while maintaining an 82% approval rating.

    Oh, wait, sorry, that was Palin.

    Let’s see, Barack, Barack. Oh, I know. He sued several banks under the community reinvestment act to force them to make loans to people who had bad credit. But of course, we know that was harmless. No bailouts needed for them, right?

    He opposed the war! Yeah, that’s it. Hmm. What else, Hey, he’s black, clean and can talk. Just ask Biden. Umm, Umm, well, that’s it for me. I can’t think of any more.

    Still, at least he answers questions. Well that is until they are hard then he says, and I quote, “Hey, I’ve answered enough questions” and literally runs off the podium. Then he cuts off the press, ignoring them for the last 2 months of the campaign.

    Still, like it or not, he is president and we’ll see. He has surrounded himself with ex-Clintonites so that may be good. I just fear the way he is talking now, he’ll be Bush 3 or even worse, Carter 2. Neither will be good…

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