Guest Post from Haley regarding Sarah Palin

September 28, 2008

Haley and I were discussing politics on the train on the way home this afternoon.  I told her that her dad confessed he thought Sarah Palin was kind of hot – crazy, but hot in a hockey mom librarian kind of way (insert huge eyeroll) – and this was her reaction:

“I want to call him and put my hand through the phone and reach through to the other side and slap him in the face!”

I told you my kid was brilliant.



  1. Eh-hem.

    Hello, I’m the affore-mentioned Haley’s dad.

    The problem with blogging is that it can get kind of gossipy and the facts can be completely wrong.

    The up-side of blogging is that if the blogger leaves the comments turned on, you can chime in and set the record straight.

    What I actually said to Emily (an adult) – a mere 24/48 hrs after McCain trotted Palin out for her unveiling – was that she seemed like an inexperienced-dolt and that the only thing she had in her corner was that she had kind of a hot librarian thing going.

    If I were to change tickets and pledge a vote for McCain/Palin because of her appearance, I could see why a) you’d bring that up with her and b) why she’d want to slap me.

    Since that isn’t the case, I vote we stick to keeping the political discussions with our budding politico a bit more substantive and positive.


    Haley’s Dad

  2. Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap…Ok nevermind, I’ll stay outta this one 😛

  3. Ok… I stand corrected. The point was Haley’s strong opinion on the matter, not to be gossipy (other than poking fun at the male mind). The conversation came up when she called Palin an ugly liar.

    Let’s not get too sanctimonious now. If you’re worried that you may be viewed negatively (tho I don’t think many other men would think differently) let’s not forget that you introduced us all to the term “Roman Soldier Helmet”, ok?

    If you ask our budding politico why she doesn’t like Palin she’ll tell you 1. you said she was a liar on your blog (I can’t confirm or deny that); 2. she watched the Katie Couric interview and could tell what Palin was saying was that she wants MORE war; and 3. is justifiably scared at anyone in power who thinks Jesus will return in this lifetime. Even to Haley that’s not someone who will be planning ahead well – she’ll be expecting Jesus to come clean up her mess.

    This we discussed after I said, “Whoops, I think your dad is mad at what we wrote.”

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