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“…Regulated Capitalism is Not Socialism”

October 31, 2008

Boy, I’d like to think my college papers were so eloquent – but who am I kidding?  I went to State school! 😀

Read a real work of intellegence here…


Haley’s Halloween

October 31, 2008

Here are a couple of bad cell phone pics from Haley’s Halloween party at school.  Better digicam pics will be on Flickr tonight.


I heart Old Navy

October 31, 2008

1 Women’s Ruffle Button-Front Shirts
1 Women’s Fitted Polos
1 Women’s Cotton Twill Pencil Skirts
1 Women’s Cross-Front Jersey Dresses
1 Women’s Pearlized Leather Pumps
1 Women’s Enamel Disk Drop Earrings
1 Women’s Enamel Disk Necklaces
1 Girls 3/4 Sleeve Cable-Knit Cardigan
1 Girls Belted Slim Cargo Pants

+ Shipping = $104.11


WANT! Whaaaaaa!

October 31, 2008

Those turned legs and graceful arms are so girlie, but that zebra print is just…. *swoon*  And it looks damn comfortable as well!

Note to self:  Quit looking at Overstock sales when you don’t actually need anything!


Don Draper: the new love of my life

October 30, 2008

Mad Men is the coolest show on TV.  Love Mid-Century Modern?  Obsessed with the early 60’s?  Well I am both and this show is un-freaking-believable. 

Of course, this season’s finale was last week.  Please please please put on a marathon AMC!


I dream of dining rooms

October 30, 2008

Someday…. someday I will once again have a dining room.  Or dining area.  Or a dining nook.  Someday.  But really what I want is a real live formal dining room:  a room that serves no other purpose than the enjoyment of meals, preferably with family and friends.

And by the way, how have I never seen these chairs in Ikea??  They are CLEAR! 

Damn it!  Should I get one of these?  Or hold out for a Ghost chair??


I love the smell of grass (roots campaigning)

October 29, 2008

Wow.  That was fun.  It’s really an experience to sit in a big room, filled with people, all reaching out to other people to support a presidential candidate.  We went en masse to a restaurant to watch his TV spot and returned for another flurry of activity before wrapping it up for the night.

You know, Obama talks a lot about Unity vs. Division and I can tell you that his SF HQ is walking the walk.  When pressed for a time I would commit to return, I told them it was difficult because of childcare.  Their response?  “BRING HER!  We’ll put her to work!  She can make signs, she can greet people, she can deliver water to phone bankers – she can work, too!”

So, little Miss Haley is going to work on her first political campaign on Saturday morning.  I think that may just make me more proud than riding a horse on her own.  Scores of men and women have given their lives so that she can be free and so that she can participate in this great democracy. 

It’s never too early to honor their sacrifices and become and enthusiastic citizen.

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