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Hold please

January 29, 2009

I am tidying up loose ends at work today… my last day will be a very brief one…  tomorrow!  After lunch with the office ladies I will be running home just in time to meet Rae Rae, pick up The Child, and go to Willits. 

*contented sigh*

I’ll be back next week, though, so dont’t you worry your pretty little heads.  Have a superduperfanfreakingtastic weekend!


Are introductions in order?

January 28, 2009

Gee… I wonder… just what is the protocol for announcing new additions to my venerable link collection that hangs out over there in the right column?

Anybody?  Anybody?

While I’m awaiting my blog protocol briefing I’ll just say that I have been sneaking away little happy daydreams courtesy of the pics on Willits Daily Photo.  She keeps turning out snapshots of warm fuzzy places from my childhood:  riding horses in town, Frontier Days, the peely bark on a madrone tree.  *sigh*

I am so excited that Rae, Haley and I will be venturing north this weekend for a heavy dose of Sandi-branded Willits chill time 😀


Oh no you didn’t!

January 27, 2009

Watch out! I’m getting crafty-decoratey again! 

You thought your time of trial was over, didn’t you, Gentle Reader?  Well, you were wrong!  Steel yourself for a revival my of amateurish vision, insufficient preparation and failed execution!

Tonight’s unimpressive endeavor is a door mat!  This beaut was cobbled together from fraudulently ordered FLOR “samples”!  Did you know they will send you 6 tiles for free?  (Yes, the checker-ish looking ones are actually 4 smaller pieces that count as one large one.)

 I know you’re thinking “DAYUM that looks sweeet!”  But trust me, that thought is misguided.  Remember how I said you get six tiles for free?  Guess who only ordered five!?!


Ok, fine, it was me.  I only ordered 5 tiles and while it may look kinda totally impressive up there, in actuality it is tragically wee.  Should you feel wacky and attempt to use it for its intended purpose, be prepared to work some serious Geisha-style tippy toe steps.


Oh good jeebus… how did I miss the symbolism of this project?  A door mat?  Really?  A door mat??  I keep begging for someone to shoot me now – and hopefully some Brave Little Toaster will come forward and spare us all the terror and agony we all know is ahead.



Spring has sprung early in my garden

January 27, 2009

This afternoon I noticed the cherry blossoms were tricked in to coming out early by this recent bout of sunshine.  Funny how they appear out of nowhere.  My garden is choked with a thick blanket of weeds – though they are lovely, lush and green at the moment.  I find it frustrating that every year I pull them all out, fertilize and try so plant something new; and every year I hope that something will finally take hold, grow thick, and choke out future weeds. 

Ever-hearty is a miniature yellow rose that was given to me 2 months after I moved in to this house – almost 5 years ago.  It was one of those little Easter flower things they sell at Safeway and was on death’s doorstep within a few days of my receiving it.  Cavalierly, I planted its almost dead carcass in a little spot in the garden.  I felt bad for (almost) killing it so quickly so I attempted to absolve my guilt by letting nature decide if it lived or died.  Despite often going months without water and usually being dwarfed by surrounding weeds, it survives.  If suffering my neglect it will bravely bear one small flower.  If I give it any love it busts out loads of blooms.

Today there are two little buds, about to open up and show their beautiful buttery yellow selves…  Awwww… such perseverance!

I hope I get some time this week to start some work in the garden.  Hopefully I will finally coax it towards its potential this year.  For such a little space it presents some serious challenges!

  1. There is no direct sunlight.
  2. Indirect sunlight is between 4-6 hours.
  3. The soil is incredibly sandy.  I have amended it a number of times, but I really need to take some out in order to make room in the beds for better soil.  In order to do that I have to move dirt through my house as there is no access to the yard from the street.
  4. Sandy soil = high surface tension = difficult to get water in to the soil to the plants.
  5. I’m not a real fan of what would do well – succulents.

Any how… enough of my list-bitching.  I guess I’m happy to see some signs of life back there yet still felt the need for a small scale rant.  😀

I’ll try to post some Before pics this week.  That certainly worked wonders for getting my house in order!


My petition to ban two words from the English language

January 23, 2009

There are two words that raise the hackles on my neck every time I hear them, and I would be exceedingly happy if they were just stricken from our language.  Every time I hear them I either throw up in my mouth a little, or want to punch someone in the face.  Often both.  Simultaneously. 

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Our 15 minutes of fame

January 22, 2009

Part 1

Part 2

Thank you Rae for the interim cell phone recording!  I WILL be ordering a copy from the news station 😀



January 22, 2009

Does this look kind of familiar???  Damn, I wish I had room!


Remember that Project To-Do List?

January 22, 2009

Yeah, I kind of forgot about it too! 😛

I just made a BIG step in crossing off the very first thing I put on that damn list:  the leaking shower!  (It’s actually item number 3, but that’s because I was trying to hide it behind other things everyone has to do.)  It has been leaking since June 2007. 

Wait wait wait… before you lose your chops about how much water I have wasted with a leaking faucet over the course of 2.5 years (oh my… I just got queasy for a second) I have been turning the water off behind the faucet with a screwdriver this whole time!  Let’s say it – all together now… GHETTO!  Yes, I know… it’s only the best of the best in the Girly Fabu-palace.  D’oh!  Any way… that little bastard’s number is UP!


It’s really the little joys in life, isn’t it?  Like being able to step in to the shower, turn a handle, and have water come flowing forth… clean, clear, cleansing water…. *drool*


Dream Job No. 1: First Decorator

January 21, 2009

Dear President Obama,

You need help with those white walls and that blaaaaaaaaand color palette.  I’m your girl.



p.s.  I just love saying “President Obama”

p.p.s.  I promise I won’t hit on your Chief of Staff there, even though he’s kind of cute 😀

photo from HuffPo

photo from HuffPo


More pics from yesterday

January 21, 2009

Check out all the pics on Flickr!


The dawning of a new (yester)day

January 21, 2009

Sorry this post is a day late and a dollar short cashing in on the Inaugural hoopla, but like I said, I was only firing on two cylinders maybe.

We arrived at Civic Center Plaza before 7a to watch the simulcast.  I thought it was important to be part of “something” for the occasion since Haley was involved in the campaign.  Even if she didn’t have fun there when her children were reading about January 20th, 2009, she could say she was there, she was part of it all.

There weren’t many people when we got there but Haley immediately noticed the news crew to our left.  Within no time the news lady from KRON Channel 4 approached us and asked if she could ask us some questions.  Of course, once she found out Haley had made Get Out The Vote calls she asked if she could ask us the same questions on a live segment.  Ten minutes later we were on the news!  I thought Haley was going to explode she was so excited!  As soon as it was over my cell started ringing – Rae Rae saw us!  There she was – all innocent, getting ready for work – when BLAM!  there we are on TV!  Apparently they replayed the clip on the 5 o’clock news because Haley’s friend, Mary, called all screaming and freaking out 😛


Someone made this really cool origami image of Obama and handed out Sharpie markers for people to leave their thoughts.  Of course Haley had to jump right in and leave her mark!

The crowd soon swelled to the thousands and we all cheered together.  Haley was swamped by all the tall people surrounding her but the spirit of Hope and Change prevailed:  some kindly strangers pushed her up to the front so she could see.  We were separated for the swearings-in of Biden and Obama but my super-sweet baby girl immediately squirmed her way back to me to listen to Obama’s speech.  We stood there in a crowd of people who were truly “all the colors of the rainbow”, embracing, cheering together, and many sharing a tear together – full of pride, hope and enthusiasm for the hard work this country has yet to do.

So after listening to Obama’s speech tell me what is it that you plan to do for your country?

(I promise to get some snippet of the newscast!! Please hold!)


Dain Bread

January 20, 2009

Yes!  We were right in the middle of Inaugural festivities bright and early this morning!  Yes!  We have great pictures!  Yes!  Something awesome happened (hint:  HALEY WAS ON TV!!)


My sleep has been non-existent and my brain is like swiss cheese.  So bear with me until tomorrow and I promise to have something worthwhile to waste your time reading 😀


Watch out, World

January 18, 2009

The Child is blogging…  check her out at


Uncharacteristically Chill

January 18, 2009

My last day at my job is January 30th.  I planned a much needed (and even more anticipated) trip to Colorado & Utah long before I knew I’d be losing my job – but it’s still a nice thing to look forward to 😀

So – am I stressing?  Freaking?  Wigging out?  Actually – no.  I feel like I should be, but I’m not.  Odd opportunities are popping up and  I’d be interested in any number of them.  I’m not attached to any particular outcome, so I feel like I should just wait until one comes to me.  I’m very good at living like a pauper so I can survive for quite a while – until my destiny manifests itself.

You’re facing a large decision and should try to make sure that you’ve got the information you need to deal with it. You might have to put off the call for another day at the very least.   … my Yahoo horoscope today

In the interim I plan on giving The Child a LOT of attention.  She’s been getting screwed on the parental attention front – especially when it comes to school involvement.  I plan on RIDING again (hence the new header).  I will be helping out at church a lot, too.  Budget tightening has meant letting go of the church administrator, and – gee – I think I know someone totally qualified to help!  My house also needs some attention and I am totally ready for a rest from the grind.

So… if any one will be in San Francisco – or wants to come to San Francisco (hint hint) – I’ll be having some time on my hands!  YAY!!


Yes, you can read Playboy for the articles

January 15, 2009

You might have seen that link to Lush Pad over there to your right in the Design linky-loo area… they have more than just awesome furniture!  Take, for example, their reprint of a 1961 Playboy article on some of the icons of Mid-Century Modern Design – so many luminaries all in one place.

Lush Pad's 1961 Playboy article

Left to Right: George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and Jens Risom


Newsflash! I do not spontaniously combust if I get out of bed at 6:00 am

January 13, 2009

I was pretty convinced that I would – so all these years I stayed safely in bed until 7:00 am.  I was just thinking of the The Child, you know.  We can’t have her growing up without her mother, right? 😛

Actually, this morning I was dressed, out the door and to the end of my block at 5:56 am!  Even more shocking is that it was 6:48 am by the time I returned AND I was sweaty!!  And if that is not shocking enough The Child and I walked for more than 30 minutes last night after dinner!  We have instituted our daily constitutional.  Be forewarned… if you have dinner with us you will have to walk afterwards.

Now I need to get one of those exercise bike contraptions where you have to pedal in order to watch TV…  

p.s.  This post is brought to you by Ambien CR.  Thank Jeebus for nights with good sleep!  Hopefully this “exercise” thing will alleviate my need for it soon.


So, it’s 2009

January 12, 2009

Yeah, yeah…  I know.  I’ve been a total slacker.  It’s not without reason, though!

Christmas was lovely, and New Years Eve started off the year in typical insane SF style.  First a “respectable” NYE party…  It was held in a furniture showroom (c’mon!  how perfect!!) that had been cleared out for the occasion.  Of course the kitchen installations along the walls remained so Rae and I were compelled to play Vanna White and demonstrate their bad-ass-itude.


After a disco nap and much trying on of Steve B’s Burning Man attire… then it was out to “Breakfast of Champions” – at 5:00am!  (Yes, 5 in the morning).  It was a SF Freak Fest of the highest order and I was Queen for a Day!  At least it felt like it.  Steve B and I held court in our matching tutu’s 😀 (yes, we planned that)


Ahhh… I love my crazy friends!

It was a tough adjustment going back to work:  I was off since before Christmas.  Even though I had been living the life of leisure I was having a ridiculous time sleeping.  Of course people who don’t sleep well also have a propensity for being overweight and I’ve also been packing on the pounds 😦 On NYE one of my dear friends – who shall remain nameless because they meant no offense – said I was a “beautiful, thick woman”  WHAAAA???  OMG – what happened to the days when people suspected me of binging and purging because I was sooooo skinny?  People used to say I was “tiny” – now I’m “thick”?  SHOOT ME.  NOW.

So…  I finally manned-up and went to the Doctor about not sleeping and I got the third degree about why a new patient would be seeing a doctor to get sleeping pills (shocking, huh?)  He was pretty intimidating and I don’t really blame him.  I’m sure I’m not the first semi-normal looking yahoo that’s waltzed in to his office looking for a scrip.  Whilst being interrogated about why I was looking for sleeping pills it totally slipped my mind to bring up the fact that my stomach has been killing me since my birthday.  Not surprisingly the day after I see a doctor about my insomnia I end up at the Acute Care Center at UCSF doubled over in agonizing pain.  (FYI – UCSF rules!  Go there if you’re sick and in SF!)  After 2 weeks off work I ended up taking almost another 2 days off last week while I was high as a kite on Percocet 😛

The good news is that the meds they gave me for my stomach are working finally.  And just as good is that I lost 7 pounds last week!  HAHA  Well, if you can’t find the silver lining what’s the point, right?  Yesterday Haley and I did Tai Chi AND walked, and this morning I got my well-rested ass out of bed at 6am (yes SIX!) and walked again – though much more vigorously without The Child.  We now have a pact that we must walk after dinner every night in order to earn our 40 calorie frozen juice bar.  I’m also obsessively measuring and counting everything.  I am challenging myself to see how much I can drop before my trip to Colorado next month.  I *am* eating right and exercising so STFU if you feel the urge to get all up in my business about that 😛

Seemingly 2009 was off to a relatively decent start – time off, addressed health issues, addressed the horrifying numbers on my scale… except for one thing.

While I was on the phone to the Help Nurse who suggested my trip to UCSF about my stomach, my boss tapped me on the shoulder and told me to meet him in one of the conference rooms when I got off the phone.  I work for an investment bank – I’m sure you can see the handwriting on the wall, can’t you?  He was waiting there for me with the personnel lady.  We had the talk that countless numbers have had lately.  Economic downturn… blah blah… reduction in workforce… blah blah…  your hours are going to be cut in half… blah… WHAT?  Yeah…  I’m getting put on half-time as of Feb. 1st.  Maybe…  I also have the option of cutting my hours to zero.

2009 blew in on a technicolor whirlwind, but now I’m left to ponder just what I am going to do.  Every crazy thought imaginable has crossed my mind and I can’t deny that most of them revolve around me being sick and tired of being sick and tired doing office work.  It sucks to be a victim of your own skills.  I am very employable in an office and I make decent money doing it – but I’m not happy.  It’s nice to be able to travel and buy a new sofa, but on a daily basis I feel like I’m just frittering my life away.

I’ve got lots to think about…  I’ll try to be better at posting but it’s likely to be my ruminations on my future, and unless you enjoy being a voyeur to someone’s not-too-interesting life, it probably won’t be too thrilling.  Hopefully the wit and charm you’ve grown to expect on this here blog – SHHH! 😛 – will return sooner rather than later!

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