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Miss me?

February 28, 2009

If you did… awwwww *hugs*.  If you didn’t, humor me for I am piteously unemployed 😛

I have been alternating between doing nothing, and doing LOTS AND LOTS of stuff.  Through it all the computer has not been my friend, hence my absence.  Whilst not entertaining you, Dear Reader, I have had some adventures!

True to my previously stated intentions I have been spending a lot – a lot– of time at The Child’s school.  I have been on a field trip (who knew HIV/AIDS age-appropriate education could be so entertaining when set to music?) and worked in her classroom 4 days.  And I didn’t just “help” by making copies and organizing the art supplies.  Noooo…  I led “Centers” where I (me!) was in charge of getting a bunch of bright but unruly 9 and 10 year olds to get work done.  Now, if you are privy to our adventures in homework completion on a daily basis you will be suitably shocked by this.  The reward for hours of gritting my teeth and stifling untold amounts of profanity?  Learning that there are children who make Haley look like Princess Focus, heir to the kingdom of Productivity.

My trip to Colorado and Utah was the perfect antidote to Big City dramz.  We hiked a lot.  I got to breathe fresh air, share serene silence with a good friend and no one else (the benefit of visiting national parks in the off-season), and contemplate my navel.  Actually, I contemplated all kinds of heavy shit, but I haven’t yet sorted it all out in my head so I’ll spare you. 

I was also reminded how much I like to have adult conversations.  Work-life isn’t to conducive to deep thoughts, and this last month I’ve been socializing almost exclusively with 4th and 5th graders.  Yes indeed, it was lovely to engage in some intellectual calisthenics.

I flew in to Grand Junction, Colorado, where my friend Tim lives.  We went straight from the airport to Moab, UT.  God clearly was in full support of this trip because the weather was gorgeous – bright sun and chilly with a bit of clouds bearing snow flurries.  Pristine patches of blinding white against the richly colored landscape was almost too good to be true.

We started – and ended – with Arches National Park.  Go there!  As soon as you can!  Go back if you’ve already been 😛  It’s that amazing.

Due to a total idiot maneuver on my part I had to buy a new camera there – and it has this kick-ass panorama function!

We also went to Canyonlands National Park.  It’s like the Grand Canyon, but on steroids and a whole landscape of it!  It is more geological magic courtesy of the Colorado River.  Next summer I plan on taking Haley there to go on a rafting trip. 

I’ve also been poking around the house, doing some projects and making some messes.  I’m cleaning up more messes than I am making so it all works out!  I will work on getting over my aversion to the computer and hope to not be such a slacker-blogger.


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