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The things I’ll do for love

August 31, 2010

The Man has been exceedingly patient with me and the arrangement of our new household – so far. We desperately need another sofa and when he suggested we just look on Craigs List for a freebie (because guests were coming over that night) – I gave him such a stink-eye.  Noooooo – picking out a sofa is NOT. THAT. EASY.

Now that I am currently obsessed with bright green, my options are instantly limited. But I am willing to sacrifice that for another gray and bring it in the form of accessories.  (Look at me, I’m being flexible pretending to be flexible!)

But the poor guy… he made ONE request of the new sofa. One. Dual recliners. Ok… I am not entirely opposed to the idea. Who wouldn’t want to recline/snuggle up to their favorite snuggly person whilst watching the tube??

The problem is that they all look like this:

I think I just threw up in my mouth a litte. Admit it… you did, too.

So now it is my mission to find a clean-lined, modern looking dual reclining sofa that doesn’t look like a piece of 1980’s frathouse crap.  There must be nothing overstuffed, oversized, or specifically fatass-couchpotato comfort accessorized about it.

Wish me luck.


Don’t. Tempt. Me.

August 27, 2010

Perusing wedding apparel has me sooooo tempted to start a whole new category, capping on hideous dresses.

I mean really… is this for the bride who is pregnant or maybe not or the guests who guess correctly will win a bottle of scotch?

Or this one for the bride who may wish to fly away if her feet turn cold?

Oops – no further temptation needed – I already added the category 😉


I had a dream

August 27, 2010

I dreamt of having a formal dining room. And guess what?!? I’ve got one, bitchessss gentle readers 🙂

It’s not the soulless, impersonal white box I imagined it would be. It is not begging me to miraculously transform it with my deft use of color, texture and – dare I say it? – magic! (tee hee)

Instead, even while empty, it is warm, rich and rather intense. It is certainly more beautiful than I, and I suspect it is also smarter. My dining room is giving me an inferiority complex.

It would certainly be easy to go to some nondescript Furniture Mart USA kind of store and buy something that is Craftsman-y/Mission-y. Not only would that be too easy and less emotionally draining – you would have to shoot me for owning something that could be referred to as a “set”. A dining set, a bedroom set, a “let me stab myself in the eye with a fork because I’m that unimaginative” set… Blech.

And good grief would that be sooooo dark and oppressive. Watch out! It’s ATTACK OF THE WOOD PANELING!!

My dear and lovely friend Susan has kindly offered a proper table and chairs to fill the space.  I have been cooking for the Family almost every night and it makes me kind of sad to eat it with the three of us crammed in the small confines of the sofa 😦 While the table is not my aesthetic (or hers either!) I do look forward to having a proper place for the three of us (and guests) to gather ’round.

And of course I can’t help but hear the siren song of…..  p a i n t  😀

Oh! and what do you think of this…? It is rather large and definitely qualifies as a shiny thing!

I have to admit that The Child and I both kind of lost our shit when we saw it… The Man is proving to be very tolerant of our outbursts!


If you loved me you’d buy me this: Jonathan Adler salt and pepper shakers edition

August 25, 2010

Why?? I don’t know!

Who wouldn’t want tres adorable shakers from the master potter himself?


Green means GO!

August 25, 2010

Trying to find a color that ties all the dark woodwork to my gray sofa (and thereby saving me from having to sell my beloved) has been stressing me out.

But then inspiration came from an unlikely place: the box containing our new tv. It has the loveliest, boldest, liveliest shade of bright green! GREEN!

I don’t want to play nice with earth tones just because I am in such an earthy environment – you can’t make me!

I have done some looking around for another sofa and the color quandry has really had me stumped. The other night I watched the last two episodes of Design Star  and there is was again… GREEN!

And thank you, Emily, for totally kicking ass in our name! 🙂

(p.s. where oh WHERE do I get that couch??)

Then yesterday morning I thought I’d check out the blog of my dear UmberDove and behold, there it was againGREEN!

I called dibs on this pillow so it’s MINE and not yours! Don’t even try to talk Kelly in to selling it to you because it’s MINE MINE MINE!


I guess it’s more correct of me to say OURS OURS OURS 😀

So, no, I don’t need to be hit over the head with a bigger sledgehammer sign. I get it. GREEN IT IS!


… and she’s off!

August 24, 2010

Yes, I have a new project of the interior decorating kind!

A lot has happened in the last 2 months…

A new job! 😀

The Man proposed and – DUH – I said HELL YES!!! At Wrigley Field, no less… *swoon*

And… The Child, The Man and I moved in to a new house…

While I am still a great lover of all things girlie and modern, this house is going to challenge me to evolve. Living with a very manly man (YAY!) should probably cause me to tone down my love of chrome, but I think he secretly loves it, too! 🙂

The real challenge is that this house already has a personality. It is rich in woodwork, intricate details, and Craftsman style fabulousness. I want to create a space that is “us” but also respects the beauty that it was born with.

While I had months to ponder how I would decorate every square inch of my new little family’s house, now that we are there my best laid plans do not seem as perfect as I had imagined. I didn’t expect the house to have a voice in the matter. But it does – and I’m having fun listening!

My challenge is to mix my  love of modern and shiny with Craftsman – and make it look deliberate. (I think I can, I think I can!). (Hmmm… this doesn’t seem like as much evolving as I mentioned earlier 😉 )

So hold on tight… this is going to be fun!

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