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September 23, 2010

Do you miss the “Before and After”s? Were you on the edge of your seat, riveted, with each post?

I know you were because, honestly, card tables are high drama 😀

The good news is that you’ll get your fix, you naughty little minx. The bad news is that you will have to wait until Monday.

Until then I will offer you a little tease… Dining Room: from dowdy to (you fill in the blank)

p.s. Rachel shhhhhhhhh


City Conveniences

September 22, 2010

One of the really great things about living in The City is that you can get just about anything delivered.

Of course there are restaurants: pizza, Chinese, Thai, even four star haute cuisine. You can get your laundry and dry cleaning delivered. You can have a rental car delivered. And yesterday, for the princely sum of $31, I got the country delivered.

Yummmmm! Fresh, organic, local. I’ve got some serious cooking to do!


Happy Birthday, Rachel!

September 21, 2010

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite people in the world, Cousin Rae. She is one of the reasons I started ranting here – because she understands my lunacy when it comes to decorating our homes, among other things!

I think we are as close as 1st cousins can be even though we are not the closest in age, grew up the closest together, or look like anything close to each other 😉 But Rachel is the one that understands me and shares a similar view of our family. She’s my favorite go-to dance partner, the first person I consult on the placement of sparkly things in my house, the first shoulder I cry on (or *CAP* *CAP* *CAP* *CAP* *CAP* with) and the only one I ever considered to be my Maid of Honor.

I looooove you Rae!


What could possibly be more “me”??

September 20, 2010

Man… I wish I had a huge set of brass (or silver! 😛 ) cajones because if I had the nerve…

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Zero to 60 in one month flat

September 17, 2010

Our lives have certainly become a flurry of activity lately! It seems not so long ago (like a month) that we were spending a lot of time sitting on our hands just waiting for our lives to begin. The Child was out of school for summer, I wasn’t working, our house wasn’t ready… except for daily trips to the barn, our lives were a whole lot of nothing but waiting.

Really?? That seems really hard to remember already!

The Child’s softball (and The Man helping coach the team) takes up a lot of our weekday bandwidth. I rush out of work every day to catch the end of practice and we all go home together. Two days a week are game days so weeknights are generally consumed by softball and the less homework and family time she has. But it’s a VERY short season and will be over in a couple of weeks.

Next week The Cousin (Rachel) will be here a night or two and The Man is off to Chicago for 5 days. The Child and I will have to learn to survive without him because we really depend on him… A LOT. (Eek!) Then the week after I may be going off for a Girl’s Weekend which will likely leave my liver screaming for mercy and in desperate need of sleep!

You probably remember that I get a little wound up by and obsessed with politics …  The Man shares my lunacy – especially a deep loathing for Glenn Beck and an extreme fondness of Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. When they announced their Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive we couldn’t resist – we have in our hot little hands tickets to Washington DC the last weekend in October.


 Oh yeah… and I am working on the house in my “free time”.  Annnnnd we are waiting for word on a possible dog on its way to the rescue we are working with.

Once that’s “over” we can settle in to a nice mellow ….. uh …. holiday season which will mark the launch of wedding plans in earnest. Then it’ll be summer, honeymoon, and back to school again.


To think I just desperately wanted to be doing stuff again. HA!


Small steps

September 13, 2010

Last week I embarked on a program of getting healthier. I figured I’d be a lot more successful in the long term if I adopted one good habit every week, as opposed to an entire lifestyle makeover all at once. I’m taking small steps because that’s all I can really do considering what a bloated lard ass I have become. Seriously.

So last Tuesday I started getting up at 5:45a to walk. It was less about the effort than it was making a habit of it. I managed to add a minute or two every day (easy once I started taking Pandora with me!)  The Child even joined me on Saturday morning and we had a great time! Sunday was the only day I rested, but I did get outside to teach and do barn stuff…

After a few days of getting up at the crack of dawn, The Man surprised me with a little gift… Avia Avi-Motion shoes. FYI they will kick. your. ass. My calves start burning as soon as I look at them in the morning 😉

Have I told you lately how much I love him? He bought me ass-burning sneakers and has hot coffee waiting for me when I get home. “Supportive” is spelled S-C-O-T-T.

This week I am adding 10 more minutes to my walk and making myself drink beverages other than coffee – like, say…. WATER. Each week I will add another good habit and hopefully I’ll feel better about myself.

I wish I were stronger and could vow to never look at a scale, but I just can’t. I have this number in my head, a weight where I never worried about what I was wearing and knew that while I was not supermodel skinny I looked pretty good. For the four years before Haley was born I never wavered more than 6 pounds. I was a good little vegan and I rode every day.  That was all it took. I did get WAAAAY thinner for a while after Haley was born but there is no way I want to look like Skeletor again.

I just want to be able to look in the mirror and not loathe myself. I want to look in the mirror and see that tiny waist I’ve always had.

I want to be measured for my wedding dress and think, “daaamnnnnn, curves!” and not, “WTF is wrong with you, fatass??? Step away from the Taco Bell!!!”


What a short week…

September 10, 2010

Sorry that I’ve been slacking, but there has been a lot jam-packed in to this short week!

Last weekend I took advantage of the extra time off and had some quality time with my favorite equine, Fiona. The day could not have been more beautiful:  71 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, no wind, and very few people.

Tuesday night was Back to School night, and Wednesday was The Child’s first softball game. We were all very excited!  She is the only 6th grader who made the team (all the others are in 7th and 8th grade) so we were nervous that she would be terribly disappointed if she didn’t play and/or if they lost and she did play…

Thankfully Coach Covey put her in during the 5th inning and she got one at-bat. It was a fly ball caught quickly – but she connected bat to ball, and she hustled through first base and never looked back. All in all, a good effort 😀

Thanks to a generous pitcher allowing them 9 walked-in runs, The Child’s team won their first game 12-1! Assistant Coach Scott was very proud, too

And is it just me, or does The Child actually look A LOT like me here?

And we have very good news (yes, more!)  Last night we officially became approved adopters through NORCAL Golden Retriever Rescue! We’ve been interviewed, our home has been inspected, and now we wait until the perfect dog for us comes along! After all, our beautiful new house just won’t be complete until it has beautiful, golden hair wafting around and adorning the furniture 😉


Dining table dilemma

September 3, 2010

The good news:  we have a dining table!

It really is a high quality piece of furniture, it fits perfectly and has room for six! I am so excited that we can actually have people over! YAY! (Thank you, Susan!! 😀 )

Like I said, it’s a lovely piece of furniture. While it’s not really my aesthetic I have to admit that its lines are growing on me and the size could not be more perfect!

So my dilemma is how to make it fit better with my style and with the house… Please give me your suggestions!!!

You know how sometimes just the right accessories is all something needs? Well, I thought I’d give that a try…

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How Emily got her sparklies back

September 2, 2010

A little at a time, bit by bit, shiny things are making their way back in to my life.

Getting all my worldly possessions back under one roof again sure helped.  Unpacking has been slow but steady and little corners of the house are getting “settled”.

I am happy to report that one of my most prized possessions has taken a prominent place in our home again – my UmberDove triptychs. And, fittingly, they are flanked with shiny things!

Yes, I do kind of like the sconces, but hate the gold tone and they seem to take a non-standard chandelier bulb (I’ve tried 2 sizes so far and no dice.)  I don’t think they are long for this world…

Last night The Man, The Child and I ate dinner at a reception venue that we thought could be a strong contender. We definitely want a real Chicago Italian-style affair and their food was fantastic! With much anticipation we were led up to the largest banquet room and when they hit the lights… well… The Child and I kind of lost our shit minds!

SPARKLY!!! And do you see it?… A DISCO BALL!


This is the view we’ll see when we look down on our guests before the big entrance…

Could it be any more perfect? No, I think not!


WTF-WDs: vomitous volumes

September 1, 2010

This installment of WTF Wedding Dresses brings us these little massive monstrosities… (yes, work is still slow 😀 )

This one may double as gear for an arctic expedition, or possibly prevent drafts from sneaking under your doors.

Gather here, gather there, gather everywhere… and it all adds up to bunches of crap.

Methinks the back of her dress is vomiting up a train. Look! It even added corn for texture!

Another marvel of insulative value. She might also be smuggling wait staff from across the border for her reception under there. You might want to check… I’m just sayin’…


Is that what I think it is??

September 1, 2010

And of course I must have missed the memo that the sun would be making a rare appearance, because I put on boots and tights this morning. Thank goodness for the spare pumps I had under my desk… pity that I didn’t shave my legs 😛

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