Pick one, because clearly I am insane.

November 18, 2010

I want to redo my dining room chair seat cushions. Clearly I want green. I have narrowed it down to the following…






All of these will be a huge contrast against the chairs – which I am redoing a la this black chair. Wicker painted in gloss black = HolyEffingFabulous!! (And OMG that room RULES!)

Tell me in the comments which one you like best!

Don’t make me shame you lurkers for your lack of participation!

You know who you are! And I know who you are!


Now on the topic of crazy… If I ever could lay claim to even a shred of sanity I can no longer. I have undertaken the Grand Daddy of All Ridiculously Time Intensive Projects.

The bare bulb on the sun porch just cannot remain naked. Nooooooo. I could just go buy a shade, right? Again, nooooooo. Why? Because the shade I want costs $10,000. That’s right – $10k!

Me being the cheapest of all frugal, purse clutching, bargain shopping, penny-pinching sorts is determined to recreate the look of said shade for the princely sum of $4.50. Of course that does not take in to account the 12+ hours of freakishly tedious labor it will take for me to complete this project.

The major material used is drinking straws – and cutting them in to about a gazillion pieces.

So I got about 6 done in an hour. A box of straws has 100 straws in it.

Think I’ll ever finish it? Shall we start a pool?? Or should I just “do not pass GO, go straight to loony bin”?

Again, pick one.



  1. I pick fabric #2, because I think it might be best to have a less-busy pattern against the wicker. But they are all uber-cute.

    My bet is that you will be finished with the fab shade in under 2 weeks. You’ve been on a major roll lately!

  2. With wicker, I think I like 1 and 3. Can’t pick just one! :-p

  3. Only the chair backs are wicker and the black will make them less pattern-y and more texture-y 😉

    LA… #2 is on super sale. YAY!

    I like them all but #1, 2 and 5 are my favs. #5 may become pillows in my livingroom… once it goes on sale! HA!

  4. I pick number 1. My second choice would be number 3. Let us know what you decide!

    • Oh… you’ll see. That’s the whole point of this silly blog 😀 It keeps me on task when people are watching! HAHA

      Too bad Mom is offline for a few days. I may order today.

  5. Number 3 and number 5 are my picks. Number 5 is my first because its lighter and the black chairs will balance it out nicely… Also the green looks like it matches the green trees out the door. and the white with the green would also lend more light to what looks like a dark room with dark walls. Black chairs blended with the green and white of #5 blended with the white table all makes for what looks like (in my minds eye:-)) a smashing ensemble.

    You are a force of nature… may I please have some of what you are on… high on Jesus or just love;-)?

    • HAHAHA! 5 is my favorite for that exact reason! Great minds…

      I’m high on “pretty”! This is my little hobby that I love. It keeps me out of trouble 😉

  6. Can we talk about that shade? Whaere is it I can’t even picture it in my head… I have got to see what your talking about…

    • It’ll end up looking like some sort of psycho dandelion. That’s all I’m gonna say just in case I can’t bring myself to finish!

  7. I’m leaning towards #1 and #2… digging on the regency graphic look in a big way.

    And yes, ALL home decor projects that we take on for under $10 mark us as mentally unstable. I lost that battle years ago and just gave in to the loony bin.

  8. 3 or 5…sorry I’m a lurker. 😛

  9. 4 for classic HR or 5 for an updated fresher look. They’re all crazy cute tho. And you gave me a wicked wicker idea with the glossy black. w00t!

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