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December 7, 2010

I have started another blog. I felt like I needed to bare my soul about my weight gain and how I go about dealing with it.

I can’t decide if I should keep it to myself,

… or plaster it all over the interwebs

Or maybe I should just share it with others

… who are on the same journey

Perhaps I will write in it for a while

… and see how it goes

It may be too gruesome to share

… with those who don’t love me


Or maybe that is what I need…



  1. Whatever you decide, you have my support.

    • I can always count on your support, but it’s so bad I fear I will disappoint you with how bad I’ve let the situation get. You have always been such a good influence when it comes to health and fitness…

  2. I thought about doing the same thing and even typed out a few entries and ultimately decided it was far more personal to post for the world to see, at least at this point in time. It’s been a while since I’ve written there but I’m thinking of picking it up again and considering posting it at some point down the road when I’m in a better place than I am now. Everyone is different when it comes to our feelings about this kind of stuff and ultimately the choice is yours. For me, the choice was to “wait” (no pun intended) 🙂 More power to ya girl! Whether you post about it or not, so many of us are on such similar journeys!

    • Part of me feels like it’s appropriate punishment for getting to this point. Part of me also needs accountability.

      Part of me is dreadfully embarassed. *sigh*

  3. OMG Em!! I know we don’t know each other well… but please – let’s have no more of this “I deserve punishment for getting to this point” bullcrap, ok?

    We all have shifting priorities throughout the course of living our lives. I’m not gonna get all philosophical with you… but the simple fact is, nobody can do everything all at once. Sometimes giant life changes like finding & falling in love with a new boyfriend who becomes your fiance, mothering your child, moving into a new place & making it a home for your new family, etc. is more important than counting calories.

    Don’t beat yourself up for that.

    *steps off soapbox*

    • If you’re going to bitch-slap me (which I am totally fine with) you can’t do it under cover of anonymity.

      Food is my issue. I have totally lost control of the situation and I have a lot of guilt about it. Anyone can sit across from me and say, “bah! you look fine.” But they don’t see what I see and feel how I feel.

      I find that a lot of people in the blog world can post about strife, struggles or their general malaise – but god forbid someone should feel self loathing for the ogre they see in the mirror.

      Yes, I am a strong, smart capable woman who has a lot going on. But when I’m looking at the scale none of that really matters.

      Call me a victim of society’s body image brainwashing, but don’t tell me it’s an unimportant issue.

      • it’s Leigh Anne, i didn’t realize i was anonymous. sorry! i TOTALLY wasn’t trying to bitch slap. promise.

        • Bitch slaps are often appreciated. xoxox

  4. Hey, I thought we were going to be the great big fat couple…

    • No honey. You’re crippled enough as it is! LOL

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