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Lessons Learned

March 21, 2011

This weekend I had grand plans to accomplish a million things, but I barely touched my To-Do list.

I did manage to fill the kitchen for the next two weeks, get the bare minimum of house-keeping done, and take care of three horses (but no time to ride even though the sun was out on Sunday).

In the future, even when I plan to have a lot of time to myself, I am going to refrain from list-making. The incomplete items overshadow the things that I did get done and I ended my day on Sunday in a rather foul and resentful mood.

I am learning that I can no longer run run run run without running out of gas. My work-weeks are the same each day: rise, shower, pack breakfast and lunch, commute, work, commute, work out, make dinner, go to bed. On the weekends I try to pack in all the neglected household chores, errands, and fun freedom I don’t have during the week.

I should have been able to get everything accomplished that I planned. But it rained. A LOT. Mucking and grooming 3 horses took a lot longer than I thought. My attitude began to work against me in ways I didn’t anticipate.

Something has to give.

I have to learn to be reasonable with my expectations because setting myself up for failure doesn’t do anyone any favors. Most especially the people I live with. If I were to make a To-Do list (which I won’t) I need to build in time to do nothing – and I need to be ok doing nothing when there are things still left to do.

Do you do that, too? Do you only allow yourself to relax once everything is finished?

Yeah, that’s not really fair to yourself, is it?

I did manage to get the bedroom about 80% completed. And I am very happy with it (post to come once I deem it “complete”).

I do also need to acknowledge that my adventures in decorating have become so much easier. The agony I previously endured over every minute decision has been replaced with a stunning efficiency and confidence. Even my crafty ideas are translating much easier in to reality. My headboard turned out exactly as I envisioned – and it cost $29.

Another good thing I eked out of an otherwise frustrating weekend was a long, hot bath. Intoxicating were the vanilla-verbena bath salts in the water and the cold pina colada in my hand…. yes, that’s the kind of thing that belongs on a To-Do list.

Oh… and I also learned that I cannot eat things out of a bag. There is just no stopping my gluttony if it involves my hand reaching in to a bag for something.

Not all lessons have to be earth-shattering, right?



Weekend To-Do List

March 18, 2011

It is going to be a dark and stormy weekend in San Francisco, leaving me with more free time than usual. The Child is at her dad’s and The Man will be working all day on Saturday, so I think I’m gonna do some stuff.

  1. Spend some extra time at the barn and take a ride or two in the rain.
  2. Super clean the kitchen and do a little decorating in there.
  3. Super clean the bedroom and do a little decorating in there.
  4. Work out until I fall down – watching my heart rate skyrocket on my shiny new heart rate monitor.
  5. Grocery shopping and cook ahead for the week.
  6. Church on Sunday.
  7. Go to a thrift store.
  8. Attempt a fantastical artistical project using the big box of fabulousness mailed to me a year ago from Arkansas. Yes… I do believe the time has come.
  9. Oh…. and I feel the need to plant some things and add some living green things to our home.

Happy Weekend everyone! May you all be well, safe, happy and healthy.



March 15, 2011

I think I am going to need some new ones soon. (And this is with the waist on the smallest tab!)

I want to thank my family for their patience in this time of re-prioritization. First I was making dinner A LOT. Then The Man got a job where he works until 9p, so The Child started to get a little short-shrifted. Then The Child and I started cooking together. Now I am working out A LOT and dinners are getting brief and The House is suffering, too.

I will figure out how to be a lean and healthy super woman. It’ll just take some time to figure out where and when to make it all happen. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will have to start working out before work *shudder* in order to also take advantage of daylight savings time and get out to the barn after work.

All this while coming in to the final stretch of wedding planning. Easy. 😛


116 Days

March 8, 2011

… til the Big Day.

We sure got a lot accomplished in the few weeks after we got engaged, but then pretty much did nothing. For months.

The last two weeks we have picked up our slacking pace and have been, again, getting a lot accomplished.

  • Hopefully by the end of next week I will have all my ladies dressed and shod.
  • The men have their clothes picked out and we’ve even got a few measured and ordered.
  • Invitations are at the printer.
  • The wedding cake flavor has been picked (not easy when we love ALL cake!). I think it will be the most AWESOMEST wedding cake ever made – and made with love by my amazing Aunt Judy!
  • The groom’s cake has been designed and it’s going to be UH-MAZE-ING. And hilarious. And also made with love by my little sis, Katelyn.
  • Katelyn is also my hero because she volunteered to come stay with us a few days before and help us execute all the last minute details. (OMG THANK YOU!)
  • We got that awful registering thing done and behind us. (AWKWARD!)

I was starting to panic when I realized that we were kind of in the weeds, but I am feeling really good about things right now. Every time we face a new To-Do on the list, I am so happy that The Man and I always seem to have a lot of fun tackling it! He and his best man were champions this weekend and picked out all the mens’ clothes themselves and did an amazing job!

We’re sure having fun with this and the best part is that every time we start to get stressed we stop and think about what is important – a big fun family gathering with a great meal – and it really takes a lot of stress off! Oh, and always choose the shiny thing! HA! 😀

Apologies for the lack of postings here, but Vegan Lazy has totally been taking up all my blogging energy 😀

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