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The numbers and the disconnect

May 23, 2011

Number of miles I have run in the month of May:  31.92

Number of miles I have run since I began running:  43.37 (5 weeks)

Number of days I have been religiously logging my calories and exercise:  76

Number of pounds lost:  22

I have been feeling so good and fit and healthy – really for the first time in my life.  It’s not that I’ve never been thin or in decent shape – I have been way too skinny at times and have had a six-pack and serious guns – I just never worked at it before.  I work out regularly and I crave exercise now.  I have had to buy new smaller pants and my wedding dress is having to be altered down by a HUGE amount.

I’ve been pretty proud of myself.

Then I saw a picture of myself yesterday… and it’s amazing how fast all of the above numbers can be wiped out.  No amount of numbers offsets the lumps and bumps and dumpiness I see in my “skinny” jeans. 

I guess that the upside is that I actually contemplated calling in sick to work so I could exercise all day, instead of feeling like saying, “fuck it – I’m eating.



May 16, 2011

On Saturday some of my most favorite ladies in the world threw me a bridal shower. I know these types of affairs are supposed to be the start of stocking up the couple for their new life ahead, but being of the more “mature” variety of bride it was really more about me feeling showered with love and good company.

My bridesmaids worked very hard to throw the nicest party.  Thanks especially to my Maid of Honor, Rachel, for an amazing effort; to Susan for providing her lovely home; to Marianne for coming all the way from Seattle; and to Haley for being such a big help and keeper of Rachel’s sanity!

There was quiche and mimosas and red velvet cupcakes and fruit salad…

A ton of laughs and fun chit-chatting…. such a respectable ladies luncheon!

Then there was the making of wedding dresses out of toilet paper…. (yes, we saved it ALL so don’t look at me weird if you use our bathroom and there’s a huge bag of wadded up TP next to the toilet! Just reach in a grab yourself a fist full of wipeables!)

And the models were FIERCE (even as The Child’s train turned in to a mini-dress!)…

Of course, there were prezzies! (blush)

But best of all, there were beautiful ladies…

Well, maybe ladies isn’t entirely the right word 😉


54 days

May 9, 2011

aaaaaaaaand breathe.

Yes, people are actually coming (this is the first day of rsvp’s being received – only a few days after invites were mailed!!) and there’s still about a million things for me to do. My task list is LONG but I don’t feel the need to procrastinate. I am actually looking forward to getting stuff done.

It’s going to be such a great party, such a great trip, and such a perfect beginning.

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