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Scott’s forty-somethingish birthday

February 18, 2013

For Scott’s birthday I took him on a little trip down south: San Luis Obispo for lunch and diving off Anacapa Island on Saturday.

Except for Scott rupturing his ear drum, we had a BLAST. Then again, we always do. We play well together.

Happy birthday, Baby… I love you so much!

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The Husband and I met and live in San Francisco – and we love it – but there’s something about the weather, the devastating sunrises and sunsets, the real coastal living and the proximity to family who needs us closer… I feel like we’ll be landing there full-time in the future.

Individual pics…

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A fleeting thought about food

February 14, 2013

It’s a popular belief that the EU has higher food standards than the US. GMOs are either banned or must be labeled. Many artificial ingredients are banned.

Yet THIS happened.

100% horse meat in jarred Bolognaise.


Remember when Food Lion was caught remixing their green ground beef and relabeling it as fresh? 

Is there any wonder why I prefer to buy food made of plants – yet defend my friends who hunt? I’m not against meat eating – I am against mass produced meat. Eat less (A LOT less) and this shit will become a rarity.


Orange you glad I love you?

February 14, 2013

Ok – that is my pretty lame attempt at peripherally acknowledging the greeting card fabricated day that is today.  Also, because this – the greatest Valentine ever – was found in my purse this morning.


Yes, I am one of those annoying “today is just a day” people – and I’m neither bitter or single! What I am is a crappy gift-giver and therefore I am uncomfortable receiving gifts. It’s easier to just do away with the whole nonsense!

Random little things like an orange with a heart-on ( 😀 ) make me happy. The Husband leaves us little notes and little gestures all year long, so we don’t need a stupid Hallmark holiday.

Shhhh… I did finally buy The Teen a pair of red skinny jeans today.

It seemed like a good idea.

sf fog

San Francisco didn’t seem to get the “today is just a day” memo. It’s one of those painfully beautiful and surreal days where it’s simultaneously cold, perfectly clear, and foggy. Trade the cold for wind and you’d think it’s summer. I wish I could just stare out the window all day – watching the fog swirl around the buildings.

Tomorrow is The Husband’s birthday and we have a big adventure planned. Tonight we planned on the usual – nothing special.

Then these landed on my desk…


It turns out that this evening will be special, indeed!


Pony Projects

February 13, 2013

My name is Emily, and I am a horse flipper. 

Not really – but I am super lucky in that I’ve accidentally stumbled on a pony project that makes me very happy… Helping to resell very nice horses to very nice people.

I took the baby boy, Zanzibar, to his first show on a Sunday and listed him for sale two days later.  The next week he belonged to someone else. It was meant to be and I couldn’t have dreamed for a better home.

I delivered him to his new mom, Joan, on Saturday. He walked out of the trailer and into her happy arms as if he was always hers.

zan and joan


Then I hurried back to the barn and found my new project, Spike, waiting for me.


He’s certainly a lovely mover and is wowing everyone at the barn. There is a trainer who has already expressed interest in him, is actively looking, and is going to try him next week.

He’s been out of work for a while so I’ll take him slowly. I’m not going to think about selling him for at least a month (except the trainer trial next week – I’d be stupid to put her off.) I am, however, signing him up for his first show in March 😀


Have I shown you how lucky I am – where I ride? It is pretty fantastic!

My horses live in an actual pasture but I have a gorgeous indoor arena to ride in at night. The horses there are happy and well cared for and the owners, trainers and boarders are all pretty much wonderful.

Also… you know what the BEST. MEAL. EVER. is after coming home from the barn and being cold and tired?



And they’re even kind of fantastically healthy when you smother them in garlic sautéed kale, refried black beans, enchilada sauce, a little Daiya cheese, diced yellow and orange peppers, and onions.

You’re welcome 😀


Well that’s unexpected

February 12, 2013

In my quest to pare down and have quality over quantity I seem to have found an eff to give about fashion.

Wait – wut???

The Husband and I have almost completely re-wardrobed ourselves in the last two months. I can go years without shopping but suddenly I find myself doing it A LOT.

It’s ok – I totally need to. We both looked like hobos.

About five years ago I decided that the 60s aesthetic was for me. I wanted to avoid trend and stick with the classics. Well, that resulted in a ratty, worn out wardrobe as I wore through pieces faster than I could find new ones. Also, I ended up with clothes only suitable for corporate America or filthy, stained barn clothes. God forbid I had to look casual and presentable!

Now that my weight has been stable for over a year and I have decided that looking less than dog-eared is a good thing, I am kind of having fun with clothes. 

Don’t get me wrong – I still loathe retail environments with the strength of a thousand suns…

But today I have a kimono style dress on (me!!) and really cute new boots that I can’t wait to wear with jeans, too.


Who woulda thunk it? 

Tossing the clothes that have clogged my closet for ages just so I had something to wear in favor of clothes I never thought I would be “brave” enough to wear is a reallllllllly good feeling!  Catching a trend or two hasn’t made me any less “me” and I haven’t suddently turned into a shallow twit (well any more than I was already!).

I feel pretty confident that those words said to me about 13 years ago – “you can’t pull that off” – will never again be spoken inside my own head. And if they are spoken to me again I will respond with a fist to their mouth. Maybe.

Now, hopefully, I can finally get that accessorzing lesson from my beloved Umber Dove next week when I’m in Seattle. 😀


An end to barbarism is on the horizon

February 5, 2013

Kudos to the EU for taking giant strides toward the end of the Barbaric practice of animal testing.  Beginning March 11, 2013, there will be a ban on animal testing for beauty products and toiletries.

Here in the United States approximately 20 million animals are used in research.  The FDA does not require animal testing on personal care products, it is largely done for defense against future lawsuits.  Companies want to show that they did “all they could to determine safety.” It’s done out of tradition and there’s money in it.

There are numerous companies that proudly label “Not Tested on Animals” on their products. Big ones, like Bath & Body Works, Paul Mitchell, The Body Shop, Pur Minerals, Physicians Formula, and Aveda. Why does Maybelline need to? And why can’t MAC and Urban Decay demand better products from their suppliers in China? (and do you really want your cosmetics coming from China?)

There are a number of viable alternatives that are likely to produce more accurate safety data:  chemical assay tests, tissues, cell and organ culture systems, cloned human skin cells and patches, computer and mathematical models.

Please be a conscientious consumer. Please read labels. Please demand we move in the same direction. 

It’s just needless suffering. Anyone that’s ever loved a bunny, a cat, a mouse, a rat, or a dog knows that they feel affection, pain and fear.

Is your mascara worth that?


Projects: big and small

February 4, 2013

Projects come in all shapes and sizes – but the size is often more determined by the emotional outlay required to complete it than the physical expenditure.


I am the Queen of Pain Avoidance.  If it makes me uncomfortable I will go to amazing lengths to push it to the bottom of my To-Do List.  Dealing with the deluge of incoming mail at home is boring and ungratifying. The lack of pleasure I receive dealing with it results in MOUNTAINS of mail that gets stashed in a bag or box or some such receptacle do be dealt with at some vague date in the future. Needing to find something in that slush pile takes so much time and frustration.  This leads to imagining THE most stylish and efficient solution that will CURE ALLLLL MY WOES… when I can find just the right cabinet, or when the exact thing I want goes on sale.

See what I did there?  I’m still avoiding it.

So I end up with this.


 This started out as a the pile that grew in the corner of the dining room when we moved in 2.5 years ago.  When we threw our Christmas Eve Eve party it took over the only meager (and not at all clear) corner of our bedroom. Yesterday morning I dragged it out back into the light of day.

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