Pony Projects

February 13, 2013

My name is Emily, and I am a horse flipper. 

Not really – but I am super lucky in that I’ve accidentally stumbled on a pony project that makes me very happy… Helping to resell very nice horses to very nice people.

I took the baby boy, Zanzibar, to his first show on a Sunday and listed him for sale two days later.  The next week he belonged to someone else. It was meant to be and I couldn’t have dreamed for a better home.

I delivered him to his new mom, Joan, on Saturday. He walked out of the trailer and into her happy arms as if he was always hers.

zan and joan


Then I hurried back to the barn and found my new project, Spike, waiting for me.


He’s certainly a lovely mover and is wowing everyone at the barn. There is a trainer who has already expressed interest in him, is actively looking, and is going to try him next week.

He’s been out of work for a while so I’ll take him slowly. I’m not going to think about selling him for at least a month (except the trainer trial next week – I’d be stupid to put her off.) I am, however, signing him up for his first show in March 😀


Have I shown you how lucky I am – where I ride? It is pretty fantastic!

My horses live in an actual pasture but I have a gorgeous indoor arena to ride in at night. The horses there are happy and well cared for and the owners, trainers and boarders are all pretty much wonderful.

Also… you know what the BEST. MEAL. EVER. is after coming home from the barn and being cold and tired?



And they’re even kind of fantastically healthy when you smother them in garlic sautéed kale, refried black beans, enchilada sauce, a little Daiya cheese, diced yellow and orange peppers, and onions.

You’re welcome 😀



  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Just go to my post for directions!

    • Awww – thank you! How do you find blogs with a small number of followers?

      • I usually search the topics I’m interested in. When the versus blogs pop up in that category, I clicked on their WordPress title (at the bottom of the little post) and if you click on it, you’ll be connected to a page with summaries from their various blogs, and at the top, it shows how many followers. If there’s a different way, I haven’t figured it out yet!

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