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Projects: big and small

February 4, 2013

Projects come in all shapes and sizes – but the size is often more determined by the emotional outlay required to complete it than the physical expenditure.


I am the Queen of Pain Avoidance.  If it makes me uncomfortable I will go to amazing lengths to push it to the bottom of my To-Do List.  Dealing with the deluge of incoming mail at home is boring and ungratifying. The lack of pleasure I receive dealing with it results in MOUNTAINS of mail that gets stashed in a bag or box or some such receptacle do be dealt with at some vague date in the future. Needing to find something in that slush pile takes so much time and frustration.  This leads to imagining THE most stylish and efficient solution that will CURE ALLLLL MY WOES… when I can find just the right cabinet, or when the exact thing I want goes on sale.

See what I did there?  I’m still avoiding it.

So I end up with this.


 This started out as a the pile that grew in the corner of the dining room when we moved in 2.5 years ago.  When we threw our Christmas Eve Eve party it took over the only meager (and not at all clear) corner of our bedroom. Yesterday morning I dragged it out back into the light of day.

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Won’t you come to dinner?

February 1, 2011

With much help and patience from The Man, I have done it. I have fully, perfectly and exactly realized my artistic vision and style, in the form of a place to dine.

We have transformed this in to this….

One small space contains everything I love in this silly hobby of mine…

  • a very modern classic tulip table – bought from Rachel so she could get one she really wanted
  • sleek and sexy black lacquer chairs – yard sale $50, former 80’s crap
  • Regency-esque chair seats – fabric on super sale, my first adventure in upholstery
  • they feel like they belong together – yet nothing comes close to matching

The Man may even let you sit in his chair. Its arms are sturdy and inviting of long after-dinner conversations.

And if we have too much fun and end up on the floor, there are plenty of beautifully curvy lines to surround us while we giggle.


Such busy little bees we were

January 31, 2011

Ok, all y’all know that decorating is just about my most favorite hobby in the world. Moving in to this house has been a very long process… more settling in than decorating. This weekend we finally got around to some PROJECTS – YAY!!

A big fat gigantic THANK YOU goes out to The Man for being a perfect project partner! He helped when I asked, did an amazing job, and steered clear when I was acting a total maniacal bitch not so pleasantly.

First up… The Man and his friend finally got rid of the God-awful, non-functioning light fixtures over the fireplace. They are much more appropriate to the house and cast a lovely light, if I do say so myself!

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Submitting to retail therapy – against my will

November 19, 2010

Shopping, oh how I hate thee! Let me count the ways!

I am sitting here in a completely empty office in the dark save for the one light in my cube. The only sound is the soft whirrrrr of my computer fan and the HVAC. It is very calm and peaceful and I kind of wish it were like this all the time.

To add to my morning zen I actually put 2 minutes of thought in to my outfit. I am accessorized. I’m having a good hair day. I even managed to put on perfume! (Yes, Rae, the French whore perfume)

And, thanks to The Man who insisted, I have $300 cash waiting patiently in my wallet for a shopping trip this afternoon.

Cue anxiety attack!

Seriously. My stomach is in knots at just the thought of stepping foot in stores and – even worse – trying on clothes.

But as I admitted to The Man as he was delivering me to the front door of my office, I’ll never improve my self image if I’m always feeling like I am wearing sausage casings.

My wardrobe has become incredibly limited and I have stubbornly refused to buy fat clothes. I am cheap and I don’t want to admit I’m not a size 6… 8…. or 10 *ACK!!!* any more.  It’s hard to get out from under the wet blanket of self-loathing when there’s nothing you can put on to make you feel good about yourself.

So I am going to do that thing that I hate most in life… I am going to shop. My strategy is this:  a few multi-use pieces, mostly in black, with lots of colorful accessories. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to ditch the fat clothes and I’ll still have a lot of cute accessories. Then I will go home and purge my closet of all but a few things that don’t fit. No more reminders of what size I was.

Wish me luck.

Oh… on a happy note here is another smidgeon of  progress on the home front.

You may remember this picture from the first day we were in our house. We took a LOT of crap on Facebook for our sexy TV stand (and blow up mattress and cardboard dining table) even though our real furniture wouldn’t arrive for a few more days.

Confession:  that was still our TV stand until last weekend. Actually it was another tote higher! HAHA

That’s fixed now with a much more practical solution…

p.s. I got another 10 straws done last night! At this rate I may have a lamp shade before the world ends in December of 2012!


Holy Mary, Mother of Productivity!

November 16, 2010

I think I set some sort of record for weeknight productivity last night!

This, if you remember, is where I started in the dining room…

I started in the opposite corner and cleared one small space. We hadn’t seen this corner since the day we moved in.

But clearing one space means destroying another.

I was feeling rather down about that when my friend Patty pointed out “It’s Newton’s 3rd law of house cleaning: “For every clean and organized anything, there is an equal and opposite mess to make it happen.”

So I pressed on…

I ended up with 5 bags of trash and a tower of recycling.

And a TON of donations.

The result?

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Thank God for clogged vacuums

November 15, 2010

After doing exactly nothing to the house for the entire months of September and October, suddenly progress!! Moving from such a small apartment to such a medium-sized house left us with lots of missing things. As much as I would rather be skinned alive, dipped in honey and thrown in a bear cage hate shopping, filling those holes and finishing unpacking seemed like an insurmountable task.

After rat bedding clogged the vacuum for the umpteenth time we went to Target on Saturday night to see if we could get a new filter or maybe buy a new vacuum. All I can say is thank God for clogged vacuums!  Funny how once you get IN the store, shopping is easy 😛

We got it home and immediately assembled 1 cart, 2 shelves and an étagère – impressive!

Lucas doesn’t like it when we’re productive… he be sad doggie.

Well, you can understand why… now that there are homes for our unpacked stuff, we proceeded to upend our entire house, creating absolute chaos!

It’s ok, because we actually made some serious progress and the things we did, I LOOOOOOOVE. Seriously – I look at the little corners of progress and I am absolutely freaking ELATED.

The sun room is an awkward spot in our house. Junk tends to gather there:  it is a convenient staging area for things coming and going.  It doesn’t lend itself well to regular use, even though it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. Its giant windows make for a sunny room with a nice view, but it also shares an awkward window with the living room. Target provided a storage shelf for Lucas’ stuff and a shoe rack to rein in the massive pile that comes from 3 shoe whores living in one house.

I think it’s now a nice place to sit for a spell… and Lucas has his own orderly bed room (since that is where he chooses to sleep any way!) The sheers let it all the light without having a clear view straight out to the street.

This kitchen has a super awkward gap between the counter and the stove. Paper bags and unused shelf organizers (and often the mop bucket) landed there. Lame. Between cooking and the dog eating the kitchen it’s a corner of EWWWW that is no fun to clean.

Now it’s splendid! We couldn’t have hoped for a better fit! The added super bonus is that we’ve reclaimed massive counter space from underneath the Kitchenaid and the spice rack! Our massive expanse of counter space is returning!

Since we’re having seven people over for Thanksgiving I know the dining room will return to a new and fabulous normal soon – like maybe tonight because I am SO SUPER FREAKING HAPPY!

thank you, Honey, for putting up with me! xoxo


How Emily got her sparklies back

September 2, 2010

A little at a time, bit by bit, shiny things are making their way back in to my life.

Getting all my worldly possessions back under one roof again sure helped.  Unpacking has been slow but steady and little corners of the house are getting “settled”.

I am happy to report that one of my most prized possessions has taken a prominent place in our home again – my UmberDove triptychs. And, fittingly, they are flanked with shiny things!

Yes, I do kind of like the sconces, but hate the gold tone and they seem to take a non-standard chandelier bulb (I’ve tried 2 sizes so far and no dice.)  I don’t think they are long for this world…

Last night The Man, The Child and I ate dinner at a reception venue that we thought could be a strong contender. We definitely want a real Chicago Italian-style affair and their food was fantastic! With much anticipation we were led up to the largest banquet room and when they hit the lights… well… The Child and I kind of lost our shit minds!

SPARKLY!!! And do you see it?… A DISCO BALL!


This is the view we’ll see when we look down on our guests before the big entrance…

Could it be any more perfect? No, I think not!

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