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Dining chair want

January 22, 2014

Wow, Overstock. Those of us who may never be able to afford Eames (or want something close til we can!) thank you. Sincerely.

$142 for TWO. Such a deal.


If you loved me you’d buy me this: yet another JA masterpiece edition

January 23, 2013

mrsgodfrey_chair_pearl1Good golly, Mrs. Godfrey! I may die if I don’t own this chair!


If you loved me you’d buy me this: proof that I am a trendsetter pillow edition

January 19, 2011

Well lookie here… guess who was ahead of color trend AGAIN.

That’s right – my idol Jonathan Adler has put out GREEN AND GRAY. Yeah, I totally beat him to the punch.

If you have been following me for a while you will remember that I also called the turquoise and orange trend way before the stores.

That’s right, bitchesss, I am totally badass like that.



Pick one, because clearly I am insane.

November 18, 2010

I want to redo my dining room chair seat cushions. Clearly I want green. I have narrowed it down to the following…






All of these will be a huge contrast against the chairs – which I am redoing a la this black chair. Wicker painted in gloss black = HolyEffingFabulous!! (And OMG that room RULES!)

Tell me in the comments which one you like best!

Don’t make me shame you lurkers for your lack of participation!

You know who you are! And I know who you are!


Now on the topic of crazy… If I ever could lay claim to even a shred of sanity I can no longer. I have undertaken the Grand Daddy of All Ridiculously Time Intensive Projects.

The bare bulb on the sun porch just cannot remain naked. Nooooooo. I could just go buy a shade, right? Again, nooooooo. Why? Because the shade I want costs $10,000. That’s right – $10k!

Me being the cheapest of all frugal, purse clutching, bargain shopping, penny-pinching sorts is determined to recreate the look of said shade for the princely sum of $4.50. Of course that does not take in to account the 12+ hours of freakishly tedious labor it will take for me to complete this project.

The major material used is drinking straws – and cutting them in to about a gazillion pieces.

So I got about 6 done in an hour. A box of straws has 100 straws in it.

Think I’ll ever finish it? Shall we start a pool?? Or should I just “do not pass GO, go straight to loony bin”?

Again, pick one.


Sage words from my domestic mentor, Jonathan Adler

November 10, 2010

I am currently experiencing a sadness with my house. It’s so beautiful and perfect and wonderful and lovely – but it’s not making me happy. There are still boxes unpacked. There are no pictures on the walls. Nothing new and pretty has been purchased just for it.

It seems to be a reflection of my self-image struggles of late.

Then this morning my idol for all things happy and fabulous around the house, Jonathan Adler, had some words I needed to hear – yet again.

Our 10 Commandments for a Happy Chic home

1.  Thou shalt embrace maximalism.
Thou wilt find minimalism to be something of a bummer in thy abode. Thou wilt grow tired of an endless sea of beige and thou wilt long for a splash of color & a dollop of pattern! Bargello pillows, Furnace bottles, and rustic modern lamps – these shalt be the accessories that add some panache to your pad.

2.  Thou shalt not deny thyself hotelish comfort at home.
Thou shalt furnish thy rooms with paw-pampering, hand-loomed llama wool rugs, luxurious lighting and our fabulous furniture.
Thy rooms shalt feel like the most opulent hotel rooms in which thou hast ever stayed.
Thou art worth it.

3.  Thou shalt buy an X-Bench.
Then, thou shalt buy another. Thou shalt use them in pairs, perfect under thy console or placed near thy sofa. Thou shalt rest thy feet upon them & so will thy guests. In fact, thy guests might even fight over who gets to rest upon them. Therefore, thou shalt establish house rules about thy X-Benches. Perhaps thou should consider a sign up sheet.

4.  If thy nest needeth zest, consider thy crest!
Thou shalt emblazon with thine initials wherever possible.

5.  Thou shalt mix fancy with frisky.
Thou shalt not be overly formal, for if thou art, thou will be sad. Conversely, thou shalt not be overly whimsical, for if thou art thou will not feel chic. Therefore, thou shalt embrace a mix, pairing the chic classical foundation – excellent proportions, classic furniture – with a layer of playful punctuation. Then thou shalt rest.

6.  Thou shalt honor the funsters of yore.
David Hicks, Alexander Girard, Piero Fornasetti, Bonnie Cashin, Bjorn Wiinblad – if thou dost not knoweth them, thou should. Thou can use Google Images to learn more about them and thou shalt channel their fun, idiosyncratic, playful spirit in thine own interiors. Thy home will be fun, happy, and chic.

7.  Thou shalt not commit murder,
…unless thou art murdering for a decorative accessory.
If thou should find thyself at one of our stores and seeth the last bird bowl on our shelf, thou shalt feel free to use whatever means necessary to obtain that special something.

8.  Thou shalt not be afraid of orange.
Thou shalt use orange copiously in thy interior, whether it beeth in an orange breakfast room or via the zing of an orange lacquered box. Thou might even consider painting thy front door orange to pique thy neighbor’s curiosity. Thou shalt also covet chocolate brown.

9.  Thou shalt play ping pong.
Better still, thou shalt have a ping pong table in thy living room. Then, lo, thou shalt play ping pong with thy spouse rather than sitting around watching thy tv.

10.  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house.
In fact, after following these 10 commandments, thy neighbor might covet thy house. So there.


If you loved me you’d buy me this: DWR Semi-Annual Sale edition

October 7, 2010

I will take anything and everything on this sale ad, or maybe four 😀


The things I’ll do for love

August 31, 2010

The Man has been exceedingly patient with me and the arrangement of our new household – so far. We desperately need another sofa and when he suggested we just look on Craigs List for a freebie (because guests were coming over that night) – I gave him such a stink-eye.  Noooooo – picking out a sofa is NOT. THAT. EASY.

Now that I am currently obsessed with bright green, my options are instantly limited. But I am willing to sacrifice that for another gray and bring it in the form of accessories.  (Look at me, I’m being flexible pretending to be flexible!)

But the poor guy… he made ONE request of the new sofa. One. Dual recliners. Ok… I am not entirely opposed to the idea. Who wouldn’t want to recline/snuggle up to their favorite snuggly person whilst watching the tube??

The problem is that they all look like this:

I think I just threw up in my mouth a litte. Admit it… you did, too.

So now it is my mission to find a clean-lined, modern looking dual reclining sofa that doesn’t look like a piece of 1980’s frathouse crap.  There must be nothing overstuffed, oversized, or specifically fatass-couchpotato comfort accessorized about it.

Wish me luck.


If you loved me you’d buy me this: Jonathan Adler salt and pepper shakers edition

August 25, 2010

Why?? I don’t know!

Who wouldn’t want tres adorable shakers from the master potter himself?


Green means GO!

August 25, 2010

Trying to find a color that ties all the dark woodwork to my gray sofa (and thereby saving me from having to sell my beloved) has been stressing me out.

But then inspiration came from an unlikely place: the box containing our new tv. It has the loveliest, boldest, liveliest shade of bright green! GREEN!

I don’t want to play nice with earth tones just because I am in such an earthy environment – you can’t make me!

I have done some looking around for another sofa and the color quandry has really had me stumped. The other night I watched the last two episodes of Design Star  and there is was again… GREEN!

And thank you, Emily, for totally kicking ass in our name! 🙂

(p.s. where oh WHERE do I get that couch??)

Then yesterday morning I thought I’d check out the blog of my dear UmberDove and behold, there it was againGREEN!

I called dibs on this pillow so it’s MINE and not yours! Don’t even try to talk Kelly in to selling it to you because it’s MINE MINE MINE!


I guess it’s more correct of me to say OURS OURS OURS 😀

So, no, I don’t need to be hit over the head with a bigger sledgehammer sign. I get it. GREEN IT IS!


If you loved me you’d buy me this: shiny silver chest edition

April 30, 2010

Oh come on… really? Who could look at this and not have it scream EMILY!!!!!? It’s as if it’s shiny silver curviness was fabricated just to delight my senses.


When it’s time for me to do my next apartment it might be hard for me to resist the the call of shiny things. But I will have to, because Dreamboat is not likely to share my love of girly fabulous design. 🙂


Spring has sprung early in my garden

January 27, 2009

This afternoon I noticed the cherry blossoms were tricked in to coming out early by this recent bout of sunshine.  Funny how they appear out of nowhere.  My garden is choked with a thick blanket of weeds – though they are lovely, lush and green at the moment.  I find it frustrating that every year I pull them all out, fertilize and try so plant something new; and every year I hope that something will finally take hold, grow thick, and choke out future weeds. 

Ever-hearty is a miniature yellow rose that was given to me 2 months after I moved in to this house – almost 5 years ago.  It was one of those little Easter flower things they sell at Safeway and was on death’s doorstep within a few days of my receiving it.  Cavalierly, I planted its almost dead carcass in a little spot in the garden.  I felt bad for (almost) killing it so quickly so I attempted to absolve my guilt by letting nature decide if it lived or died.  Despite often going months without water and usually being dwarfed by surrounding weeds, it survives.  If suffering my neglect it will bravely bear one small flower.  If I give it any love it busts out loads of blooms.

Today there are two little buds, about to open up and show their beautiful buttery yellow selves…  Awwww… such perseverance!

I hope I get some time this week to start some work in the garden.  Hopefully I will finally coax it towards its potential this year.  For such a little space it presents some serious challenges!

  1. There is no direct sunlight.
  2. Indirect sunlight is between 4-6 hours.
  3. The soil is incredibly sandy.  I have amended it a number of times, but I really need to take some out in order to make room in the beds for better soil.  In order to do that I have to move dirt through my house as there is no access to the yard from the street.
  4. Sandy soil = high surface tension = difficult to get water in to the soil to the plants.
  5. I’m not a real fan of what would do well – succulents.

Any how… enough of my list-bitching.  I guess I’m happy to see some signs of life back there yet still felt the need for a small scale rant.  😀

I’ll try to post some Before pics this week.  That certainly worked wonders for getting my house in order!



January 22, 2009

Does this look kind of familiar???  Damn, I wish I had room!


Remember that Project To-Do List?

January 22, 2009

Yeah, I kind of forgot about it too! 😛

I just made a BIG step in crossing off the very first thing I put on that damn list:  the leaking shower!  (It’s actually item number 3, but that’s because I was trying to hide it behind other things everyone has to do.)  It has been leaking since June 2007. 

Wait wait wait… before you lose your chops about how much water I have wasted with a leaking faucet over the course of 2.5 years (oh my… I just got queasy for a second) I have been turning the water off behind the faucet with a screwdriver this whole time!  Let’s say it – all together now… GHETTO!  Yes, I know… it’s only the best of the best in the Girly Fabu-palace.  D’oh!  Any way… that little bastard’s number is UP!


It’s really the little joys in life, isn’t it?  Like being able to step in to the shower, turn a handle, and have water come flowing forth… clean, clear, cleansing water…. *drool*


If you loved me you’d buy me this: Minx ring edition

December 16, 2008


The Noisy Plume rules – if you didn’t know that already!


Dear Santa

December 5, 2008

All I want for Christmas is this…


You can fit a New York City apartment in your bag, can’t you? 😀 Actually, while you’re throwing things in that magic sack, can you also slip in a cute dancing boy who goes to church?  And a personal trainer?  And a miracle laundry solution for my small space? 

No problem, right?  You’re Santa!

I have been a very good girl unfortunately this year!

xoxo Emily


Dog-gone depression

December 2, 2008

I make no secret about my ambivalence toward my cat.  Our personalities are like oil and water, yet I’ve had her for close to 15 years so I’m stuck with her and I have a responsibility  to care for her (like The Child).

ANYWAY what I really wish I had was a dog.  I love dogs.  Countless times over the last 6 years I would have been a much happier person if I had that “unconditional, I looooove you so much it makes me a wagging, wiggling, puddle of devotion” thing that only dogs bring to the table. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that… I miss Maggie and Reggie!  (Most especially Reggie – I looooove him)


Maggie (black) & Reggie (red)

and YES!! I miss you guys, too, Mom & Clyde!  But I can talk to you on the phone and IM you on Yahoo!  The dogs not so much 😛


Sex on a swivel

November 24, 2008

My taste seems to be veering back to Mid-Century Modern… check out this out on Lush Pad.  This chair is sexier that I could ever hope to be…


Room and Board j’adore

November 21, 2008

Just what I need – another online store front against whose glass I will smash my virtual face and slobber.





Wanderlust, I has it

November 18, 2008

My recent frustrations with life in the avenues has sparked my wanderlust in to a raging firestorm. sent me an email this morning, asking me to write a review for their Millionth Review Contest.  (Yes, I’m fully aware that they also asked everyone registered with them to do the same.)  The prize?  A trip to Bora Bora. 


Are you kidding me?  I would give my left eyeball for a week in one of those huts, filled with sun, sea and debauchery.  *sigh*  I need to work on finding myself a boy to travel with.  One that will be an adventurer – and not just a vacationer (grrrr UK trip grrr)

BUT… come September ’09 Suzanne and I will be packing our bags and heading someplace incredibly super fabulous:  RIO DE JANEIRO!

Oooh weee – I’ve got about 9,678,285,335 lunges to do before that trip!

If my group at work has made their accruals and our bonuses are going to weather this financial storm, I am going to take Haley on a trip this summer.  The final destination is still to be determined, but Paris is the strong front runner (though I may try to talk her in to some place abroad that may be cheaper – Portugal?)

BIG TRIPS are fabulous without a doubt, but I’m also a huge fan of long weekends.  I find them to be more restorative than the epic adventures:  high impact fun, low impact sleep deprivation :-p

First off… ARIZONA!  Thanksgiving Tofurky with Mom and Clyde *hugs*, quad riding in the desert (Dathan is coming to play, too!), maybe some fishing, lots of playing with the dogs, and hopefully some swimming.

And… I am SO happy to say that I reconnected with a friend from my early days of college – someone who was always a fantastic friend and tons of fun (like a barrel of monkeys – adventure-sport loving monkeys!).  He just so happens to live near Moab.  I haven’t seen much of the red rocked version of desert and I am *dying* to!  It’d be an extra slathering of icing on the cake that I’ll have a kick-ass blast from the past for a tour guide!

So – I figured out how to get paid to ride horses, now I need to figure out how to get paid to travel!


Even I am laughing at this ridiculous undertaking

November 17, 2008

caffeineA week from tomorrow night I am jumping in a car and driving (10-13 hours) straight to my Mommy’s house for Thanksgiving.  In preparation for an all night drive after a whole day at work I decided that I am giving up all stimulants entirely (caffeine and sugar – how dare you!) Hopefully my system will be re-sensitized to all Keep-Me-Wakey assistance.

HA!  That sounds like a good plan any way!

You have to understand – I LOVE coffee.  Monday-Friday I probably average 6 or 7 cups a day.  I rarely drink it on the weekends though.  I’m not too lazy to make it; I’m too lazy to clean out the French Press when I’m done.  Life sucks without a garbage disposal but I am looking for a nice compost bucket for the counter top, but I digress (as I usually do).

I also have a malignant sweet tooth.  The moment I decide I am not going to have any sweets I feel the compulsion to knock over a liquor store and grab all the sugary goodness I can load in to my arms.  Actually, the moment I decide to deny myself anything I soon find myself in an orgy of gluttonous consumption that leads to an agonizing shame spiral and, of course, MORE self indulgence.


So, my bright idea du jour is to cut out two things that I love most in life.  Wait – I wonder if I tried that with The Child, too, if that would work?!? 😀

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