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Orange you glad I love you?

February 14, 2013

Ok – that is my pretty lame attempt at peripherally acknowledging the greeting card fabricated day that is today.  Also, because this – the greatest Valentine ever – was found in my purse this morning.


Yes, I am one of those annoying “today is just a day” people – and I’m neither bitter or single! What I am is a crappy gift-giver and therefore I am uncomfortable receiving gifts. It’s easier to just do away with the whole nonsense!

Random little things like an orange with a heart-on ( 😀 ) make me happy. The Husband leaves us little notes and little gestures all year long, so we don’t need a stupid Hallmark holiday.

Shhhh… I did finally buy The Teen a pair of red skinny jeans today.

It seemed like a good idea.

sf fog

San Francisco didn’t seem to get the “today is just a day” memo. It’s one of those painfully beautiful and surreal days where it’s simultaneously cold, perfectly clear, and foggy. Trade the cold for wind and you’d think it’s summer. I wish I could just stare out the window all day – watching the fog swirl around the buildings.

Tomorrow is The Husband’s birthday and we have a big adventure planned. Tonight we planned on the usual – nothing special.

Then these landed on my desk…


It turns out that this evening will be special, indeed!


Attitude adjustment

April 20, 2011

Yesterday afternoon I got a little upset. I know that I have honestly made some lifestyle changes because as soon as I got home I grabbed the dog and the camera and set out to wander.

Sometimes I get homesick for our little place out in the Avenues but it’s short-lived. There is so much more to do in our new neighborhood, the Excelsior.  We have a huge park two blocks away. It has very many pretty things that make you forget that your panties are in a bunch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Exclesior has nature, and nature is good for the soul.

I feel better.


Weekend To-Do List

March 18, 2011

It is going to be a dark and stormy weekend in San Francisco, leaving me with more free time than usual. The Child is at her dad’s and The Man will be working all day on Saturday, so I think I’m gonna do some stuff.

  1. Spend some extra time at the barn and take a ride or two in the rain.
  2. Super clean the kitchen and do a little decorating in there.
  3. Super clean the bedroom and do a little decorating in there.
  4. Work out until I fall down – watching my heart rate skyrocket on my shiny new heart rate monitor.
  5. Grocery shopping and cook ahead for the week.
  6. Church on Sunday.
  7. Go to a thrift store.
  8. Attempt a fantastical artistical project using the big box of fabulousness mailed to me a year ago from Arkansas. Yes… I do believe the time has come.
  9. Oh…. and I feel the need to plant some things and add some living green things to our home.

Happy Weekend everyone! May you all be well, safe, happy and healthy.


The more things change…

January 14, 2011

… the more things stay the same.

I will unofficially, tentatively and full of disclaimers say that I now like to exercise. I seem to have pushed past that nebulous point where it may be hard but it is no longer torturous. The last three days has seen me push harder and longer each day. I’m sore in different places but I keep in the forefront of my mind that I will be working out tonight.


But just as I am conquering one nemesis I am running to the familiar comfort of my BFF.


While I am so excited to be eating vegan again – I even went and stocked up on some long forgotten favorites yesterday – I am losing whatever tenuous control I had over the hows, whens and whys of our relationship.

I am feeling insecure.

I don’t feel like myself.

Things I need to do have remain undone.

I get mad too easily.

I forgive to slowly.

I am having difficulty giving a fuck.

I’m tired.

I don’t think I even want to have fun.

I feel blue.

So I eat. A lot.

I ate my packed sandwich at 9:30a and I was ravenous again at 11:30a. I thought some fresh air would do me good so I walked. I walked through Chinatown and felt like a stranger in a strange world. Everyone (it seemed) was smoking. Everyone was moving so quickly and talking so fast. Tourists clumsily impeded the frantic flow on the sidewalks. Old men played mahjongg.

This building, meant to be ornate and decorative, was in sad disrepair with peeling paint and tattered signs. Looking like it once was something of beauty, it is now relegated to hawking cheap goods for bargain hunting visitors.

I’m feeling a bit like I too have potential but have allowed myself to fall into disrepair.

So I ate. A lot.

I feel like the things that are close to me are foreign, and the familiar is far away.

Tonight I will put my whole self, again, into the unfamiliar and will push myself harder than I did last night… and hopefully by some divine guidance I’ll find myself . Perhaps this pursuit of change has caused me to ignore the good things I like to do, and that bitch food has stepped up to fill the void of the comforting and familiar.



January Jaunt #1: Pulgas Ridge

January 9, 2011

After a December of festive parties and merry-making I was hoping to inspire some enjoyment of the great outdoors in January. My friend, Chris, and I started a Flickr group, January Jaunts, to do such a thing. If you feel a similar urge, join us!

Today The Man, The Child and The Dog and I adventured down the peninsula to Pulgas Ridge. It was sunny and 50 degrees: downright chilly for our neck of the woods but perfect for climbing really steep hills.

As much as I was looking for an outdoorsy, exercisey “assignment”, I also wanted more opportunities to master my old camera. Once I’ve exceeded its capabilities I’ll look in to getting a new one. Following are my pics – straight out of the camera, without any fiddling. I still have some work to do on exposure – but this camera is cutting edge circa 2000 so full manual isn’t as successful as more *ahem* modern models.


Music to my ears

December 10, 2010

Last night The Child made her symphonic debut as a bassist. She did play the violin  for 3 years so this wasn’t her first performance and strings are not new to her.

I have to admit that the bass is totally badass. It’s a monster of an instrument that towers above her even though she’s already hit the 5’3″ mark.

I am so proud… she killed her performance! We sat close to her and could hear that she was the only strong one – whether wielding a bow or plucking the deep, resonating strings.

It was awesome.

Bet your school didn’t have a safe space like that!

I ❤ San Francisco!



Big City* love

November 23, 2010

* Yes, we all know that San Francisco is not a big city in a literal sense but don’t harsh my buzz, kthx? 😛

Last night The Family went out for an unusual treat. We went out for pizza and we ate it in the restaurant. There is something homey and old fashioned about eating pizza in a pizzeria since pizza in the city has become a delivery-only phenomena. We are very lucky to live in a formerly Italian neighborhood that has a number of forgotten restaurant gems (one of which is where we’re holding our wedding reception!)

This morning The Man made his Thursday morning breakfast for The Child, egg-in-a-hole, since we won’t see her again until Saturday when we have Thanksgiving at my brother’s. I find that routine of theirs to be so adorable, it really warms my heart. After The Child and I BARTed downtown I treated her to an eggnog latte (hers was decaf) and waited with her for her bus to school. Mmmmmm… our first taste of the holidays!

Standing there it felt like New York for a minute. It’s been really cold the last week even though we’ve had rain. Everyone was bundled up in their warm winter coats, some with hats and scarves.

It was one of those minutes where you breathe in the cold clean air while you’re surrounded by urban hustle and bustle – and you feel so happy to be in the “big city”. We don’t really get seasons here in San Francisco being that temps really only range from 45 to 75. In fact, our season are quite backwards:  our winters are warmer than everyone else and our summers are colder.

I’ve never lived where there are four distinct seasons. I think I would like it very much. I think I would like to unpack my winter clothes when fall approaches and revel in the season’s first snowfall. I think I would like to pack away those coats and hats and scarves and mittens in the summer and wear nothing but summer dresses and watch things grow like crazy. I think I would very much like to feel the first crisp morning of the year and see the leaves changing color. I think I would like to see the snow melt and see green pushing through.

But today I couldn’t be happier to be living right here. Thanksgiving is in two days and we will have a house full of our friends who we call family. It will be cold outside but our house will be filled with much love and warmth. The Christmas decorations are going up around town and I can’t wait to get decorating in our house.

Life is good in the Big City. Yes, indeed, it is.

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