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Weekend Update: clearing the head and the teen’s room

January 5, 2014

THANKFULLY no before pics were taken but instead of cleaning the floors and buying flowers, per The Cure, the kid’s room got gutted.

Apparently we won’t be following directions – entirely ūüėČ

You may recognize more than a few things in the discard pile (like my precious and done silver vanity). But onwards and upwards!


The huge TV, vanity, desk chair and SIX bags of trash went. The computer armoire and top bunk are slated to go. All that will be left is a twin bed, a dresser, bookshelf and W I D E open space that’ll be her own personal music studio.


Taking the top bunk off = breathing room

We need to paint next weekend – but lots of trim and picture rails means a lot less to paint! We’ve settled on an ultra modern color palette. Can’t wait to see it all come together.

Next weekend we’ll finish her room and start ours. By the end of January our house will be much, much improved!


Sometimes you just need to ride through

April 27, 2013

The Child’s summer job is to be my groom. Today was her first training day.


She has to retrieve horses for me…


She needs to groom them and get them tacked up…


She needs to cool them out (and hack Magic!)


Then she feeds them a bucket and puts them away.

I’d say she and Magic got along famously ūüėÄ

Of course she won’t be riding Chloe but she’ll be doing all the rest. Chloe is getting quite good about being groomed.


You can see your reflection in her coat! ūüėČ

I didn’t lunge her at all today. She had some moments of short circuiting but you can see and feel her trying her heart out. She’s got some “bad tapes” to erase but she has moments of lovely relaxation… She seems to appreciate being given room to breathe.

I just need to ride through the hysterical moments and pretend they’re not happening…


The more I do that, the more she just melts into a coppery puddle of sweetness…


Pony playdate

April 1, 2013

The Child and I spent yesterday afternoon playing ponies with our dear friend, Erin. It was time well spent.

Also… if you want to learn to ride – ERIN IS THE BEST!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Single pics below…

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Projects: big and small

February 4, 2013

Projects come in all shapes and sizes – but the size is often more determined by the emotional outlay required to complete it than the physical expenditure.


I am the Queen of Pain Avoidance.¬† If it makes me uncomfortable I will go to amazing lengths to push it to the bottom of my To-Do List.¬† Dealing with the deluge of incoming mail at home is boring¬†and ungratifying.¬†The lack of pleasure I receive dealing with it results in MOUNTAINS of mail that gets stashed in a bag or box or some such¬†receptacle¬†do be dealt with at some vague date in the future.¬†Needing to find something in that slush pile takes so much time and frustration.¬† This leads to imagining THE most stylish and efficient solution that will CURE ALLLLL MY WOES… when I can find just the right cabinet, or when the exact thing I want goes on sale.

See what I did there?¬† I’m still avoiding it.

So I end up with this.


 This started out as a the pile that grew in the corner of the dining room when we moved in 2.5 years ago.  When we threw our Christmas Eve Eve party it took over the only meager (and not at all clear) corner of our bedroom. Yesterday morning I dragged it out back into the light of day.

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Twelve years ago today

June 9, 2011

Today is The Child’s 12th birthday and soon enough I’ll have to refer to her as The Teen.¬†

I think some moms feel dread at the thought of their children growing up, but I don’t. I am so exceedingly proud of the little lady that she is becoming that I can’t wait to see where she goes.

The day she was born she gave me the greatest gift I have ever received. Not only did I gain the ability to love someone so deeply and purely, she also gave me the ability to love myself and be in awe of what I could accomplish.

Her birth is what I consider to be my greatest accomplishment. She was born at home, surrounded by family, an amazing midwife and a fantastic nurse (a feat I must give her father credit for suggesting). I learned that my body can do amazing things Рit can grow a child and sustain it after it is born. And once she no longer needed my body, she taught me that I am a strong and capable woman.  We have had our struggles but because of her I never doubted in our ability to pull through them.

She has been my sidekick since the day she was born, and I enjoy her as a person and her company more and more each day. She’s not only smart, she’s beautiful – inside and out. She has the best sense of humor and can make me laugh like no other. She’s a strong kid – a fighter – but she’s got the softest heart you’ll ever know.

Twelve years ago today my life changed, and every day it gets better and better. I love you so much baby girl!


Two weeks

January 18, 2011

I am trying not to spend too much time here on my fatass weight but I thought a check-in was due.

In the last two weeks I have:

  • become a daily exerciser
  • rediscovered TV workouts and how much I LOVE them!
  • been completely vegan and am thrilled
  • lost my lust for¬†cheese
  • lost 6 pounds
  • lost 6 pounds despite not making much effort to mind my calories or portion size
  • lost 6 pounds despite attending a VEGAN BAKE SALE and eating out!!
  • lost 6 pounds (because I can’t say that enough!)

And… in the last two weeks The Child has:

  • lost 4 pounds
  • is exercising after school, too!
  • weight loss that is obvious! (YAY for her!)

If I can stay on this path I will easily have enough time to be happy in a bikini for a week by July. Easily. That even has a comfortable allowance for wedding dress alterations!


Damn, it feels good to still have room in my diet uh program uh lifestyle¬†for these massively delicious babies… Mmmmm¬†cinnamon rolls the size of your head! ūüėÄ


Postscript regarding fights

December 14, 2010

Our conversation on Sunday night had consequences better than I could have ever imagined…

The Child powered through a mountain of homework that I never thought she’d finish. Not only did she finish it, she finished it before her bed time and did a good job of it! I¬†can’t remember the last time I saw her so genuinely proud of herself. She was downright giddy! (So was I!!)

I think that for the first time she figured out how to buckle down and get her stuff done without lollygagging, getting distracted, messing around, or goofing off. She discovered just how fast she really CAN do her homework Рand how amazing it feels to sit down, do a good job, and be done. DONE!

And¬†we were both rewarded with something that¬†has been very rare indeed… pure, unadulterated, happy cuddling.¬†

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