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If you loved me you’d buy me this: yet another JA masterpiece edition

January 23, 2013

mrsgodfrey_chair_pearl1Good golly, Mrs. Godfrey! I may die if I don’t own this chair!


116 Days

March 8, 2011

… til the Big Day.

We sure got a lot accomplished in the few weeks after we got engaged, but then pretty much did nothing. For months.

The last two weeks we have picked up our slacking pace and have been, again, getting a lot accomplished.

  • Hopefully by the end of next week I will have all my ladies dressed and shod.
  • The men have their clothes picked out and we’ve even got a few measured and ordered.
  • Invitations are at the printer.
  • The wedding cake flavor has been picked (not easy when we love ALL cake!). I think it will be the most AWESOMEST wedding cake ever made – and made with love by my amazing Aunt Judy!
  • The groom’s cake has been designed and it’s going to be UH-MAZE-ING. And hilarious. And also made with love by my little sis, Katelyn.
  • Katelyn is also my hero because she volunteered to come stay with us a few days before and help us execute all the last minute details. (OMG THANK YOU!)
  • We got that awful registering thing done and behind us. (AWKWARD!)

I was starting to panic when I realized that we were kind of in the weeds, but I am feeling really good about things right now. Every time we face a new To-Do on the list, I am so happy that The Man and I always seem to have a lot of fun tackling it! He and his best man were champions this weekend and picked out all the mens’ clothes themselves and did an amazing job!

We’re sure having fun with this and the best part is that every time we start to get stressed we stop and think about what is important – a big fun family gathering with a great meal – and it really takes a lot of stress off! Oh, and always choose the shiny thing! HA! 😀

Apologies for the lack of postings here, but Vegan Lazy has totally been taking up all my blogging energy 😀


Won’t you come to dinner?

February 1, 2011

With much help and patience from The Man, I have done it. I have fully, perfectly and exactly realized my artistic vision and style, in the form of a place to dine.

We have transformed this in to this….

One small space contains everything I love in this silly hobby of mine…

  • a very modern classic tulip table – bought from Rachel so she could get one she really wanted
  • sleek and sexy black lacquer chairs – yard sale $50, former 80’s crap
  • Regency-esque chair seats – fabric on super sale, my first adventure in upholstery
  • they feel like they belong together – yet nothing comes close to matching

The Man may even let you sit in his chair. Its arms are sturdy and inviting of long after-dinner conversations.

And if we have too much fun and end up on the floor, there are plenty of beautifully curvy lines to surround us while we giggle.


Christmas Eve eve dinner with friends

December 24, 2010

Last night we had some great friends over for a dinner party. What a great time we had!

Gifts were wrapped and piled up under the tree

The table was set

We had loads of delicious food

We had great guests

Scott made a roast

And I made a lentil loaf

We ate til we were stuffed. We exchanged some gifts. Much fun was had by all!

Can’t wait to do it again next year!

The California (soon to be) Conforti’s holiday tradition #1.


p.s. THIS is why I have always wanted a real dining room!


Ohhh, Tannenbaum!

December 20, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you our 2010 Christmas tree!

I think it’s the most beautiful tree I’ve ever had – and it’s doubly super special because it’s our first tree together. We put it up on November 29th. We just couldn’t get it up fast enough! 😀

I think there’s something to be said for your first tree as a couple…

The day after Christmas I will be stocking up on snowman, Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears ornaments because someone isn’t as equally represented ornament-wise yet!


Theme Schmeme

November 30, 2010

That whole theme idea? Yeah, that’s totally out the window! After trips to the Dollar Store, Walgreens, Home Depot and Target – and the ensuing orgies of Christmas purchases – we ended up with A LOT of new decorations and they are all a mish-mash of decor!

Last night we got the tree and the mantle done, but we are still a ways off from achieving the desired level of Griswold festivity! Our front windows still need some serious festooning.

Now that I look at it more, perhaps our theme is “Holly Jolly“!

And, surprisingly, our neurotic dog is unfazed by all the lights. They are nowhere near as distracting as the shadows cast by his ears or the reflections off his dog tags 😀

(he also does not look too amused with this game of keep-away)



Christmas decoration inspiration

November 28, 2010

Every year we choose a theme for our Christmas decorations: red/green, blue/silver, sports, more is more, etc. This year I am finding that the style of our house is giving me decorator’s block. Hopefully some of these ideas will help me break free from the Craftsman confines 😀

Since I can’t have snow and barren wintry landscapes here in the temperate land of evergreens.

Playing with scale!

Um, helloooooo? SHINY!!! aaaacccckkkkk!

I am oddly attracted to this modern meets country look.
I need to ponder that for a hot minute…
nope… the word ‘country’ still gives me the dry heaves

(pssst… notice the light fixture!)

What says CHRISTMAS!!! more than shiny, hanging balls?

More is more, especially when it comes to twinkling things!

Ok, so let’s recap. What have we learned here?

  1. I like modern
  2. I like MORE
  3. I like sparkly, twinkly, shiny things

Groundbreaking stuff here, I know.

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