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Zero to 60 in one month flat

September 17, 2010

Our lives have certainly become a flurry of activity lately! It seems not so long ago (like a month) that we were spending a lot of time sitting on our hands just waiting for our lives to begin. The Child was out of school for summer, I wasn’t working, our house wasn’t ready… except for daily trips to the barn, our lives were a whole lot of nothing but waiting.

Really?? That seems really hard to remember already!

The Child’s softball (and The Man helping coach the team) takes up a lot of our weekday bandwidth. I rush out of work every day to catch the end of practice and we all go home together. Two days a week are game days so weeknights are generally consumed by softball and the less homework and family time she has. But it’s a VERY short season and will be over in a couple of weeks.

Next week The Cousin (Rachel) will be here a night or two and The Man is off to Chicago for 5 days. The Child and I will have to learn to survive without him because we really depend on him… A LOT. (Eek!) Then the week after I may be going off for a Girl’s Weekend which will likely leave my liver screaming for mercy and in desperate need of sleep!

You probably remember that I get a little wound up by and obsessed with politics …  The Man shares my lunacy – especially a deep loathing for Glenn Beck and an extreme fondness of Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. When they announced their Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive we couldn’t resist – we have in our hot little hands tickets to Washington DC the last weekend in October.


 Oh yeah… and I am working on the house in my “free time”.  Annnnnd we are waiting for word on a possible dog on its way to the rescue we are working with.

Once that’s “over” we can settle in to a nice mellow ….. uh …. holiday season which will mark the launch of wedding plans in earnest. Then it’ll be summer, honeymoon, and back to school again.


To think I just desperately wanted to be doing stuff again. HA!


My petition to ban two words from the English language

January 23, 2009

There are two words that raise the hackles on my neck every time I hear them, and I would be exceedingly happy if they were just stricken from our language.  Every time I hear them I either throw up in my mouth a little, or want to punch someone in the face.  Often both.  Simultaneously. 

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The dawning of a new (yester)day

January 21, 2009

Sorry this post is a day late and a dollar short cashing in on the Inaugural hoopla, but like I said, I was only firing on two cylinders maybe.

We arrived at Civic Center Plaza before 7a to watch the simulcast.  I thought it was important to be part of “something” for the occasion since Haley was involved in the campaign.  Even if she didn’t have fun there when her children were reading about January 20th, 2009, she could say she was there, she was part of it all.

There weren’t many people when we got there but Haley immediately noticed the news crew to our left.  Within no time the news lady from KRON Channel 4 approached us and asked if she could ask us some questions.  Of course, once she found out Haley had made Get Out The Vote calls she asked if she could ask us the same questions on a live segment.  Ten minutes later we were on the news!  I thought Haley was going to explode she was so excited!  As soon as it was over my cell started ringing – Rae Rae saw us!  There she was – all innocent, getting ready for work – when BLAM!  there we are on TV!  Apparently they replayed the clip on the 5 o’clock news because Haley’s friend, Mary, called all screaming and freaking out 😛


Someone made this really cool origami image of Obama and handed out Sharpie markers for people to leave their thoughts.  Of course Haley had to jump right in and leave her mark!

The crowd soon swelled to the thousands and we all cheered together.  Haley was swamped by all the tall people surrounding her but the spirit of Hope and Change prevailed:  some kindly strangers pushed her up to the front so she could see.  We were separated for the swearings-in of Biden and Obama but my super-sweet baby girl immediately squirmed her way back to me to listen to Obama’s speech.  We stood there in a crowd of people who were truly “all the colors of the rainbow”, embracing, cheering together, and many sharing a tear together – full of pride, hope and enthusiasm for the hard work this country has yet to do.

So after listening to Obama’s speech tell me what is it that you plan to do for your country?

(I promise to get some snippet of the newscast!! Please hold!)


Audacity of Hope?

December 17, 2008

…  Hope is seeming much less audacious these days.  It feels like a promise, a birthright is being renewed.  Last night I saw it, I didn’t just feel it. 

(Warning:  an attempt at a post of substance:  written by me, from my narrow perspective, an admission of my own imperfect view of the world, but intended in a wholly positive light.) Read the rest of this entry ?


A death anniversary worth toasting!

December 5, 2008

Today is the 75th Anniversary of the death of our country’s attempt to legislate morality:  the 21st Amendment.  So lift a glass today!

Cheers! 😀


Put your money where your mouth is

November 19, 2008

Were you against Proposition 8?  Do you feel it’s unfair to legally discriminate?  Well then, put your money where your mouth is and hit businesses that supported Prop 8 in their wallets. 

Californians Against Hate hosts a Dishonor Roll of boycott-worthy businesses.


Please come here so I can slap the crap out of you

November 17, 2008

Oh my god.  I am not sure how to spew my poisonous vitriol on this subject without it taking racial overtones BUT…  If I see one more guy carrying the stupid purse of his wife/girlfriend I am going to have to deal some death.

Nothing says “I’M A GIGANTIC WANKER THAT WILL STOOP TO ANY REPUGNANT LEVEL JUST SO I CAN HAVE AN ASIAN GIRLFRIEND!!!!!”like carrying her purse for her.  Honest, more often than not it’s a wee clutch or even a wristlet; almost never is it a big tote bag.  (Oops – race still slipped right in there, didn’t it?  Rae, are you offended?)

This is not coming from one iota of jealousy, either.  I was raised that NO ONE touches a lady’s bag other than the owner.  Their husbands or children risk losing their hands if they dare touch.  I am SO over this pansy-ass metrosexuality.  I’d dare wager that these wieners also refer to their women as Goddesses. 

GAH – the hackles on my neck are standing up and I feel like I need to either vomit or punch something.  I need to get the hell out of Dodge.

(Sorry – despite this gorgeous weather I’m having an I Hate San Francisco kind of day. I need to see me some mens driving trucks with gun-racks!)

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