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It’s Magic!

April 5, 2013

It’s official. I am now in the business of re-careering ex racehorses.

I have had the honor and the pleasure to ride just about every breed of horse under the sun – from freebies to six figure horses – and can appreciate what they all bring to the table. But there are two breeds that own my heart: Trakehners and Thoroughbreds. The Thoroughbreds take top honors.

While they may have a reputation of being crazy or too hot, they generally are not. They are finely tuned athletes that are more likely to run themselves into the ground for you than need to be pushed along. (Of course there are lazeballs exceptions!) The problem with many is that they are not allowed a transition time between the race track and their next career. Take a very young horse that is very fit and trained mostly to gallop hard – and expect them to have any semblance of sanity in an arena and you’re guaranteed to be disappointed.

Have I mentioned that I have the best friends in the world? Well, I do!

Due to an introduction by one of my most favorite horsey girls I have found a partner who shares my love of the ex racehorses and also wants to help transition them into second careers. She has the connections to get the horses and the lush pasture with a lovely socializing herd that will allow the horses to just chill, learn to be a horse, get all the meds out of their systems and generally learn to just be loved and get fat. Kitty and I are kindred spirits and I will be forever grateful to Molly for introducing us.

That Ol’blackmagic is our first joint venture.

Kitty tucked him away in a pasture with two lovely mares for 2 years and now he’s ready to go back to work, a fat and happy 6 year old. He has an exceptional temperament – sweet and sane – and I’m positive he’s going to make a lovely little event horse (check out the massive hip on him!) He was retired a winner and the fat little monkey he is now will be fit and ready to compete again, soon!

Sorry for the crappy pics – yet again I was too excited and distracted to bring out the big camera. D’oh!



July 24, 2009

Since ABSOLUTE PERFECTION was achieved in our apartment *ahem* it’s about time to start this crazy train all over again!

The girly fabu-palace has packed up and left San Francisco!  Since I have a new HOUSE that will be suffering benefitting from my love of decorating I thought it’d be a good idea to kick back on with the online ramblings.  I am sure you have all been living utterly joyless lives without being able to laugh at my misguided attempts at making pretty!  So I am back, to relieve you of the drudgery that is your daily lives 🙂

I should probably redo the ole masthead since we’re no longer in The Avenues and start taking pics of the jumping off points.  We actually moved in with one of my friends from waaaaay back so we are adding to it the joy of combining two households.  It’s like getting married without the benefits of snuggling and health insurance – yay!  I kid, I kid.  Haley and I are so lucky because not only do we get to share in a HOUSE but we’ve also got a fair amount of land to play on, too.

So my lovelies, with this I endeavor to post something every day or two… so I better get cracking!


Watch out, World

January 18, 2009

The Child is blogging…  check her out at


Merry Christmas, Happy Ho Ho, and all that good stuff

December 24, 2008

Growing up, Christmas Eve was the big Christmas day.  My grandfather was a Lutheran minister and after the candlelight service on Christmas Eve we drank hot cocoa, ate sickening amounts of chocolate and opened presents until the wee hours of the morning.  Christmas Day was for gorging and playing with our toys.

Sadly this was the first year I didn’t spend Christmas with my brother – but we did have an early Christmas with him, his wife and cousin Rachel last Sunday.

This afternoon Rae and her brother Sam met Haley and I in Union Square for some MORE ice skating! 😛 We had super-fun!

Afterwards we went home and watched ELF!  Then we got dressed and went to church.

After church we opened our gifts:  Sam got motorcycle prettifying stuff; Haley got Cinnamoroll swag, Rae LOVES her UmberDove pillow and I got a supersoft bathrobe and a book from my dream gay husband, Thom Filicia 😀

 Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

(I’m off to sleep -er – a long winters’ nap 😀 )


Birthday booty (finally!)

December 8, 2008





Friday night Rachel, Suzanne, Mark and Chelle came out to my ‘hood for dinner at Little Beijing (cheeeep Chinese).  Afterwards they even got me a cake!  (Yes, it was a flaming ball of chocolate chiffon! 😀 )

chocolate chiffon

Mark & Chelle jumped in a cab and headed home; Suzanne drove Rachel and I to the motherland The EndUp.  There we were joined by Adam, Jon and Steve B.  All in attendance ROCKED IT OUT!  The deep house beats were primo as usual.  The EndUp never disappoints!  Even better was the crew with me!  EVERYONE got along famously and everyone found something to bond with everyone in the group (Thailand, Burning Man, other places… 😉 ) 

Rae, Me, Suzanne, Jon, Adam = vodka-riffic!

I could not be luckier to have all my totally boss friends totally get along!  (We all know that does not always happen!)

Sadly missed:  Kelly (hmph)

The first of our madcap party didn’t peel off until after 3a, and I was safely in bed by 4a. 

Saturday Steve and Haley and I went to her school for their annual Winter Gala.  Haley told us she would be performing so Christine came down from Sacramento to take pictures.  Well, unfortunately that was a big fat wasted trip.  She won’t actually be performing until the 18th. 😦 (take note those who think they want spawn of their own!)  Got home around 3p and SLEPT.

Friend Steve B. took me to see Aries Spears on Saturday night.  Oh boy – I totally forgot how fun comedy shows are!

Afterwards we met up with about 6 of his friends and went to Miguel Migs’ birthday party!  Yes, his PRIVATE party!  I only made it until about 1:30a before I had to hang it up – but I still had a blast.  Once home I faceplanted until 1:30p on Sunday!  I still didn’t really get up until 3:30p, but I managed a trip to the grocery store before falling down dead again at 8:30p 😛

Here’s the load of goodies from Saturday night…


And the Be-All, End-All disco dancing, fiercer than you could ever hope to be, one of a kind, original, labor of Jon Kessler’s love…  behold – THE BUCCI BAG!

** Note that every single thing on the bag is hand applied!  All the painting too!  We’re talking HOURS AND HOURS here, people!!


The weekend low-down

December 8, 2008

I know you’re all just dying to know how the weekend went, but I can’t seem to get my pics transferred on to my work computer. You may have to sit tight until tonight. (Check me out, I’m like an MC now 😛 )

Suffice to say, my weekend was EPIC.



October 26, 2008

The Saturday before Halloween is a really great night to go out in the Castro.  Of course, Suzanne and I worked it in our typically understated fashion 😛


Damn, I’ll need some new tools for this one :-D

October 20, 2008

I have had to make a number of decorating decisions based on the Furry Beast.  The last untouched piece of my house is the 2′ long “hallway” from the kitchen in to my bedroom.  That’s where the litter box lives.  (Have I told you how much I resent 13 years of cleaning the litter box???)

Then I saw this.  This is pretty damn cool.

Then, when she finally kicks off I can fill in the open sides and have a kitty casket! 😛


NOTICE: Until November 4th it might be more Politics than Pretty Things on this here blog o’ mine

October 16, 2008

I just thought I’d throw that out there 😀

(My love for politics long pre-dates my love for design.)


Getting the creative juices flowing

September 2, 2008

My dear, dear UmberDove has reached out to a number of us with a task to inspire us.  “30 Days of Self” is a post-a-pic a day Flickr pool that I hope will ignite some creativity and force me to deal with some self-image issues.

She couldn’t rule any more if she tried.  xoxo


Depp v. Bromstad – Battle of Search Engine Hotties

September 2, 2008

The Internet is a funny place.  Yesterday my (mostly) design blog experienced its highest traffic day ever – thanks to my single, short post on Johnny Depp!  At least today David Bromstad is sharing in some of the search engine wealth 😛

(And this is blatant pandering for more traffic! HAHAH)


Happy Long Weekend!

August 29, 2008

This is going to be a LONG and BUSY weekend.  Tomorrow I am working at a wedding for a girlfriend (getting paid to order people around on behalf of the bride – YAY!); and dancing at the Highland Games with The Child (and dragging along Rae and Suzanne!).  ANNND it’s gonna be a scorcher!

Happy Labor Day!  xoxo Emily


Tea, with a side of STFU

August 28, 2008

Update on The Child’s response to off-colour (I’m feeling British today) remarks…

“So, Haley, what did you say to those boys?”

“Nothing.  I just did this (shook finger and made a face) then I did my homework.”

Two words:  anticlimactic.  I guess that’s one word.  A compound word?  Wha?  Huh?


Day Two of 4th Grade

August 26, 2008

Looking like a rockstar… (and OMG!!! SUN!!! In the morning!)

Packing a Kello Kitty bento box full of (HOME MADE) sushi!)


And you can thank me for selling my car.  As soon as I did gas prices finally fell below $4/gallon.  Grr.


I’m leaving on a jet plane

July 18, 2008

I do know when I’ll be back again!  Late Sunday!

Off to visit my beloved friends Kelly (& Brad!) and Marianne!

Pics will be posted immediately upon my return 😀

and Rae… don’t forget to pick me up!  you rule!


Willits Frontier Days Pics

July 6, 2008

Great time was had by all!  I love being home!

Commentary to come later 😀

**if you click thru twice in the big fire engine you can hear it saying “Woo Woo”!**


I’m officially a design dork

June 27, 2008

… because I saw these and said, “I must have those!”  Can you imagine how awesome a “Lex, archduke of Lucite” would be??




Warning: redecorating is contagious!

June 21, 2008

Rae has officially come down with a case of Redec Fever!  Thankfully it’s treated easily, with paint 😀

Because she’s too estupiano* to blog her own madness, I am doing it for her!

Livingroom Before

I think it’s darling, but she just cannot abide by the yellow.

Livingroom after door painted

It’s so cute how excited she is to have a white door!  Awww, bless!

What I really LOOOOOOVE is the evidence of her tortured decision making process!  How many different patches of BEIGE do we see here??

I love you Honey!



* estupiano – a word Haley and I made up because estupido sounds too harsh 😛


A project for the Arizona contingency?

June 19, 2008

Mama likes!  Mama likes!


(If not I’ll make it once the $%*)@#^ painting is done!)


My mind is working overtime

June 19, 2008

Oh… the possibilities!

Peel-n-stick metal tiles – 54 four inch tiles for $79

I desperately need them, but where? 😀

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