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M.O.B. Rules

December 28, 2010

While my mom is here visiting we are going with Rachel to try on wedding dresses. (breeeaaaaathe!) It makes sense that while we are they we should also look at some dresses for my mom.

Have you ever seen traditional “Mother of the Bride” dresses??

One word:  ghastly.

My mom is petite and adorable and unconventional and outdoorsy. There is no way I can see her in get-ups such as these…

Dowdy, shapeless, overwrought, swamping the poor tiny woman in massive yards of fabric!

Or this… WHOSE MOTHER LOOKS LIKE THIS? And is she paying for the reception with happy endings?

After some discussion we have decided: short, fitted, dark, silk, with cap sleeves. Something tells me we aren’t going to find it in a bridal boutique.

Any success stories in finding dresses that made your moms look beautiful and awesome and age-appropriate (NOT OLD) please let me know!


What could possibly be more “me”??

September 20, 2010

Man… I wish I had a huge set of brass (or silver! 😛 ) cajones because if I had the nerve…

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WTF-WDs: vomitous volumes

September 1, 2010

This installment of WTF Wedding Dresses brings us these little massive monstrosities… (yes, work is still slow 😀 )

This one may double as gear for an arctic expedition, or possibly prevent drafts from sneaking under your doors.

Gather here, gather there, gather everywhere… and it all adds up to bunches of crap.

Methinks the back of her dress is vomiting up a train. Look! It even added corn for texture!

Another marvel of insulative value. She might also be smuggling wait staff from across the border for her reception under there. You might want to check… I’m just sayin’…


Don’t. Tempt. Me.

August 27, 2010

Perusing wedding apparel has me sooooo tempted to start a whole new category, capping on hideous dresses.

I mean really… is this for the bride who is pregnant or maybe not or the guests who guess correctly will win a bottle of scotch?

Or this one for the bride who may wish to fly away if her feet turn cold?

Oops – no further temptation needed – I already added the category 😉

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