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Dream Job No. 1: First Decorator

January 21, 2009

Dear President Obama,

You need help with those white walls and that blaaaaaaaaand color palette.  I’m your girl.



p.s.  I just love saying “President Obama”

p.p.s.  I promise I won’t hit on your Chief of Staff there, even though he’s kind of cute 😀

photo from HuffPo

photo from HuffPo


I dream of dining rooms

October 30, 2008

Someday…. someday I will once again have a dining room.  Or dining area.  Or a dining nook.  Someday.  But really what I want is a real live formal dining room:  a room that serves no other purpose than the enjoyment of meals, preferably with family and friends.

And by the way, how have I never seen these chairs in Ikea??  They are CLEAR! 

Damn it!  Should I get one of these?  Or hold out for a Ghost chair??


Damn, I’ll need some new tools for this one :-D

October 20, 2008

I have had to make a number of decorating decisions based on the Furry Beast.  The last untouched piece of my house is the 2′ long “hallway” from the kitchen in to my bedroom.  That’s where the litter box lives.  (Have I told you how much I resent 13 years of cleaning the litter box???)

Then I saw this.  This is pretty damn cool.

Then, when she finally kicks off I can fill in the open sides and have a kitty casket! 😛


Paint is my friend

October 2, 2008

More vesitages of the past have been re-coated in a new color – and received a stay of execution new lease on life.

Tell me that the blue/coral isn’t bad-ass!

The formerly way too islandish end table is now glossy black and will happily do until I get a mirrored one.

The shelf?  I’m not sure yet what its purpose will be, but it makes me happy to look at it. 😀


If you loved me you’d buy me this (or if you don’t I’ll commit unspeakable acts): bedroom finishing touches edition

September 25, 2008

I only have a couple of things I need to finish my bedroom 😀

A bedside table, such as this mirrored beaut…

And a lovely chair for my vanity…  I happen to think this is the most boss chair EVER.  I don’t care if they are trendy.  I will love them forever and ever and ever.

But being that they are pretty spendy, I’d be happy with the stool (clear, of course!)…

So if you loved me (MOM! 😀 ) you’d buy these little bits of awesome for me.  But if you don’t love me, like I mentioned already, I will commit unspeakable acts. 

I will gladly risk eternal damnation for these little objects so close to heaven on earth.


100% pure, unadulterated “Emily”

September 21, 2008

The infamous vanity is done and I could NOT be happier with it.  In fact, when I look at it I *SQUEEEEEL* 😀

And to hold my jewelry I HAVE A STAG HEAD!!!  I know you wish you had one, too!  I know you also covet by beautiful UmberDove tray, so go get one of your own!


Let’s play Spin the Color Wheel!

September 17, 2008

My bedroom is this close to being done.  I just need some finishing touches.  I’ll give you a hint as to the Very Brave for Emily direction I’m going with this….

Disregard the black and white and chrome, then think contrasting color to the other color known to exist in my room 😀

Umber – are you sooo proud or what??


p.s.  Look at what a tool I am!  I made a keychain!  And YES I am that lame and only have 2 keys (and that is the grand total of all keys I own and/or am in possession of).  Hell, one of them I never even use! HA!

Who says City Life is complicated??  hahaha

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