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A fleeting thought about food

February 14, 2013

It’s a popular belief that the EU has higher food standards than the US. GMOs are either banned or must be labeled. Many artificial ingredients are banned.

Yet THIS happened.

100% horse meat in jarred Bolognaise.


Remember when Food Lion was caught remixing their green ground beef and relabeling it as fresh? 

Is there any wonder why I prefer to buy food made of plants – yet defend my friends who hunt? I’m not against meat eating – I am against mass produced meat. Eat less (A LOT less) and this shit will become a rarity.


An end to barbarism is on the horizon

February 5, 2013

Kudos to the EU for taking giant strides toward the end of the Barbaric practice of animal testing.  Beginning March 11, 2013, there will be a ban on animal testing for beauty products and toiletries.

Here in the United States approximately 20 million animals are used in research.  The FDA does not require animal testing on personal care products, it is largely done for defense against future lawsuits.  Companies want to show that they did “all they could to determine safety.” It’s done out of tradition and there’s money in it.

There are numerous companies that proudly label “Not Tested on Animals” on their products. Big ones, like Bath & Body Works, Paul Mitchell, The Body Shop, Pur Minerals, Physicians Formula, and Aveda. Why does Maybelline need to? And why can’t MAC and Urban Decay demand better products from their suppliers in China? (and do you really want your cosmetics coming from China?)

There are a number of viable alternatives that are likely to produce more accurate safety data:  chemical assay tests, tissues, cell and organ culture systems, cloned human skin cells and patches, computer and mathematical models.

Please be a conscientious consumer. Please read labels. Please demand we move in the same direction. 

It’s just needless suffering. Anyone that’s ever loved a bunny, a cat, a mouse, a rat, or a dog knows that they feel affection, pain and fear.

Is your mascara worth that?


Two weeks

January 18, 2011

I am trying not to spend too much time here on my fatass weight but I thought a check-in was due.

In the last two weeks I have:

  • become a daily exerciser
  • rediscovered TV workouts and how much I LOVE them!
  • been completely vegan and am thrilled
  • lost my lust for cheese
  • lost 6 pounds
  • lost 6 pounds despite not making much effort to mind my calories or portion size
  • lost 6 pounds despite attending a VEGAN BAKE SALE and eating out!!
  • lost 6 pounds (because I can’t say that enough!)

And… in the last two weeks The Child has:

  • lost 4 pounds
  • is exercising after school, too!
  • weight loss that is obvious! (YAY for her!)

If I can stay on this path I will easily have enough time to be happy in a bikini for a week by July. Easily. That even has a comfortable allowance for wedding dress alterations!


Damn, it feels good to still have room in my diet uh program uh lifestyle for these massively delicious babies… Mmmmm cinnamon rolls the size of your head! 😀


Giving Thanks

November 26, 2010

We certainly had a great Thanksgiving Day and a half! I sure hope you did, too!

Our merriment started on Wednesday night when we went to see the Blackhawks get beat to holy hell by play the Sharks.

As soon as we got home at 11:30p I headed to the kitchen. I didn’t think I would last long because I was so tired, but the next thing I knew I had finished the cranberry relish, cubed and toasted bread for stuffing, baked a cake, made sweet potato pie and cleaned the kitchen.

Our fridge was packed to the gills!

I hadn’t broke out my trusty Kitchenaid sidekick since last Christmas. Oh, how I have missed her! I shan’t keep her out of commission that long ever again!

I was back up at 6:30a to bake the sweet potato pie, make stuffing, make frosting and set the table.

At 9:30a, done with all my cooking except what had to be done right before we sat down, I slipped out for a nice ride.

Boy am I thankful for the ponies – especially our pony, Fiona. She’s a special little beast. She’s incredibly sweet and gentle and a joy to handle from the ground – but get on her and she’s a firecracker! The big horses can’t keep up with her cracked-out-pony speed walking 😛 The day was so gorgeous that I was back in the barn before I realized I didn’t take my camera. That’s ok… it was amazing to have a couple hours break from Thanksgiving preparation to be with the wee one for a wonderful trail ride. (Next time the mud ball will get a bath!)

While I was gone, The Man was busy cooking his first bird. He did a great job! He even made his mom’s traditional stuffing. (I love him!)

Because we had some guests that usually eat vegetarian and gluten-free I really had to put on my cooking/thinking cap. It was SO FUN to have to think and be creative in my cooking. I actually glanced at recipes!!

I even took it up a level and it’s all vegan and gluten-free! And it was DELICIOUS!! I stumbled upon 2 new concoctions that will surely be seen again – the sweet potato pie topped with candied pecan crunch and tofu cutlets with creamy mushroom sauce. YUM!

I know that our guests enjoyed it!

Let me take a moment to tell you how much I love Scott’s friends. His best friend John and his parents are great. And I’m not sure I could love Steve and Nancy any more than I do! It was really a great bunch!

And to top off a lovely holiday the freeways were deserted this morning. It took 11 minutes from our house to the office.

Thank you!


Vegans, reborn

December 15, 2008

Most of you know (but do you care?) that the Girly Fabu-Palace is a vegetarian household, but the matriarch is getting a little tired of being f-a-t.  That, and she works with a very recipe-minded creative vegan who has been feeding her deeeeelish yummy treats 😀

I was reminded that back in my vegan days I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and however much I wanted… and my weight never varied more than 5 pounds for years.  Size six, painlessly.

So yesterday The Child and I decided that was the way to go again.  The weight thing is great but really no one in our families has ever died of old age.  Ever.  The Child has diabetes, heart disease, cancer – to name a few – all within 1 or 2 generations.  We have decided to play it safe.  It’s not hard – it can be YUMMY!


We filled the fridge with fruit, veg and whole grains and are looking forward to guilt-free gluttony 😀 Tomorrow night we start after-work/school exercise too.  I figure 30 minutes can’t be that hard, right? 

Oh!  I got a dishwasher!  Check it out! Read the rest of this entry ?

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